Another blogger on the block

 – dreams don’t work unless you do –

Those words first told to me by my beautiful mumma are ones I now live by, so here we are! I’ve finally written my first blog post and I can easily say it’s been a long time coming, so where to begin!

Firstly, let me introduce myself; my name is Emily, I’m working a super exciting (lol) 9-5 whilst learning to drive and I’m finally getting a hobby after nearly 20 years of being alive. I’ve always found writing a huge passion of mine, so combined with my love for all things beauty, lifestyle and travel – a blog seemed like the perfect way to start putting myself out there more.

I’m excited to create posts that people hopefully enjoy reading, I’m only young, but feel like I’ve already got a fair few things I could share. From stories, to tips on travelling as a teen on a budget and how to handle the daily struggles life throws at us. I’d also love to be able to make new friends and what better way to do that than to immerse 

myself into a community of people just like me. I have 101 things I’m ready to write about, so it was tricky thinking of one to start with. But here is my first jump into the world of blogging, and in turn 3 short things I’d tell younger Emily who had all this to come…

4 to 19

  • #1: Be unapologetically you

It’s so easy to sit back and preach about “being yourself”, but who you are as a person in every stage of your life will affect everything around you; either in a good or bad way. Like the saying goes “you’re the product of your environment”, which is so true. You’re shaped by others, but you shape others too. You should never be ashamed to like the things you like, like the people you like and live the life you want – as long as it doesn’t harm others and it makes you happy. All the right things will gravitate to you when they are meant to, but staying real and not changing who you are to please others is so vital to being happy in your own skin.


  • #2: Challenge yourself

Oh boy did this take me a hot minute to achieve, but there will come a day when you wake up with enough get up and go to just go and do it. Whatever it may be, it’s so rewarding to battle your own demons and come out the other side where the grass is most definitely greener. Pushing yourself to overcome your fear of public speaking will be the best thing you ever did, all those pesky presentations in English and cringey introductions at your new job, will allow you to see that you really can do it (and that picturing everyone in the room naked, does in fact, not help). Try that new food, socialise with those unfamiliar faces and if it goes tits up – it’s not the end of the world.


  • #3: Change doesn’t have to be scary

Change is inevitable and will continue forever. Some for the good, some for the bad, but it’s about the balance and appreciating that everything truly does happen for a reason. Taking your time to adjust to something new is perfectly normal and healthy. E.g. getting a new job, starting to do things independently or even losing friends. They’re all just tiny puzzle pieces that will eventually fit together and explain why they even happened in the first place. You’re in control, it’s so important to remember that you have the power to change something if you’re not happy about it.

There we go – the scary part is over! Thank you so much if you’ve taken the time to read this, I should hopefully settle into an upload schedule soon because I’d love to make something of this blog. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to let me know 🙂


Watch this space and I’ll speak to you soon,

Emily x


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