Bigger boob bra guide

Hello! This is a slightly wild slide from what my previous posts have been about – but I want to act online the way I do in person; open and happy to talk about anything! I admire the movement of men and women online that are continuing to break the barrier blocking “taboo” topics like sex, periods and other things that have for a long time been tarnished as something you discuss behind closed doors. Instead of jumping in with a heavier topic – I thought I’d ease myself into talking about an object that’s used by millions every day – the bra!

I can only speak from experience and the bras I’ve therefore accumulated (far too many), so I wanted to aim this post more towards those that are bustier. My first bra was a 32D and I now sit (relatively) comfortably at a 34E. This has proven somewhat difficult in finding bras that don’t look like post-surgery bandages, but look great and feel great. Over the last year in particular (thanks to bae) I’ve built up my collection of the comfies and the sexies. I’m gonna cover some bra basics first, so please read on!


How do you measure your bra size?

I’ll hold my hands up and say I’ve never had a professional bra fitting. My mum did the first measure over a top when I was too shy, then as I got older I learnt the method myself and made sure to try before I buy and tick all the criteria. It’s SO darn obvious when you’re wearing the wrong size e.g. the centre piece doesn’t sit flush on your chest, the underwire digs in, the cups gape, the straps fall down – the list goes on. I think I’ve done an ok job of measuring myself. Free fittings are so widely available now. Shops such as M&S and Ann Summers (in the UK) offer these walk-in services, so they’re easily accessible. If that’s not for you just yet or at all – the following interactive links should give you a good guide:



48977536_740991889604897_6263157104731750400_nBeing a creature of habit means I’ve only shopped at one place for everyday t-shirt bras, and that place is M&S! My mum’s motto of “buy cheap buy twice” rings in my head whenever I need some new boulder holders. They have a section specifically for DD+, so you won’t have to sift through the style you like to realise they don’t even have your size. I’m prone to going for the “granny” style because bigger boobs are naturally heavier and can give you some royal back ache – so for a shopping trip or day at the office I definitely choose comfort over style.

48410979_1307365789402451_5558373209344049152_nM&S have a lot of variety though, my go to being ones usually titled “Underwired full cup” and between £18-£25. You should always invest in nice, comfy underwear that’s going to last. However, I brought a 2 pack of strapless underwire bras that came with straps you could put on as and when that only lasted a few months before the wires popped out. I mentioned this to a lady who worked in the store and she said if you’ve not worn them much and don’t have a receipt, they can still exchange for you and they’ll send the faulty ones back to the manufacturer. (I am yet to do this)



IMG_5107I’m not sporty, but I do like comfy. Therefore, I’m yet to venture into the world of finding a decent sports bra – but one I have tried is the “seam free racerback” one from Matalan for £7. For such a low price, it’s basically a bulletproof vest – bargain! My boyfriend treated me to a Calvin Klein set earlier in the year and the lady in store IMG_5106said I’d be a medium once I told her my size (which was smaller then), however I definitely need a size up. It’s super comfortable, but not too flattering. The classic “modern cotton bralette” retails at £30. However, I’ve brought similar looking sets from Primark that are a fraction of the price and have a decent amount of support.



My favourite style hands down is the one that makes you feel great from the inside out. There’s something empowering about wearing a cheeky number and no one knows, so I’ll happily invest more into these.

Fortunately I’ve been treated to most of them by my partner and a generous friend who gives us that good Ann Summers discount 😉 Ann Summers used to intimidate young Emily, but now I get excited to pick something out – the range looks amazing and is genuinely very comfortable, a hard to find combination. The bras are pretty much always accompanied by a waspie and/or underwear to match it with if you wish. Their sizes range from 30A – 44G. Firm favourites (with retail price):

Cecile longline plunge bra – £34


Lipsy bethan bra – £30 now £18


Alissa longline balcony bra – £32


Forest lace plunge bra £34 now £18


New Look red lace sweetheart neck bra (no longer available, but alternative styles range from £5 – £14.99)




I thought it would be interesting to get some responses from those I have on the gram and get an insight into fittings, sizing and variety.



13 YES, 20 NO






17 YES, 7 NO






14 YES, 14 NO (interesting!)




4 BIGGER, 24 SMALLER (amen! bralettes? who’s she)



And that concludes my quick guide to cute bras in bigger sizes – there are loads out there and so many I’d love to try. I did kind of stick to one brand for the majority, so if you have any good brands to recommend please let me know down below!

Until next time, have a very Merry Christmas!

Emily x

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