Bras for DD+ busts

Used by millions every day is the humble bra. All shapes and sizes, all purposes and appearances, bras are there to offer comfort and support. This post is a helpful guide for those with a bigger bust; how to calculate the right size and where to shop. The right bra is crucial to avoid back pain, bunching and red marks. The bra market is widening and being more inclusive for those with bigger busts. But how do we know what’s right for our bodies?

I can only speak from experience and in regards to the bras I’ve collected so far.  My first bra was a 32D and I now sit (relatively) comfortably at a 34E. This has proven somewhat difficult in finding bras that don’t look like post-surgery bandages, but look great and feel great. Over the last couple of years, I have built up my collection of the comfies and the sexies. I’m gonna cover some bra basics first, so please read on!

Bras for those bigger busts. How to measure and where to shop.


How do you measure your bra size?

I’m yet to have a professional bra fitting and my mum measured me for my first bra over a t-shirt as I was once too shy. I’ve since learnt the method myself and made sure to try before I buy and tick all the criteria. It’s very obvious when you’re wearing the wrong size e.g. the centrepiece doesn’t sit flush on your chest, the underwire digs in, the cups gape, the straps fall down – the list goes on. Free fittings are so widely available now. Shops such as M&S and Ann Summers (in the UK) offer these walk-in services, so they’re easily accessible. If that’s not for you just yet or at all – the following interactive links should give you a good guide:


I’ve only shopped at one place for everyday t-shirt bras, and that place is Marks and Spencers. I believe bras will always be a good investment, as you don’t want to buy cheap and then buy twice. They have a section specifically for DD+, so you won’t have to scroll through the style you like to realise they don’t even have your size. Bigger boobs are naturally heavier and can give you backache; so for a shopping trip or day at the office, it’s important to wear a style that will offer comfort and support all day long.

Boux avenue also have a wide DD+ section, including swimwear too. They also offer strapless bras with great reviews, which can be hard to find as a bigger busted lady. You can also find every day t-shirt bras at these places:



Even if you’re not into sports, this style and level support may be just what you are looking for. Brands like Matalan offer great value items including the seam free racerback £7. However, M&S also come in strong in this section. My mum is a Zumba instructor and also has a bigger bust, so finds their zip-front items especially supporting for high impact fitness activities. Find more at the following:

Simply Be


Who doesn’t love looking and feeling great? There’s something so empowering about wearing a cheeky number, especially when no one knows! However, finding “sexy” when you have more weight upfront can be quite difficult.

Ann Summers can look intimidating to begin with, however their stores are pockets for finding sexy yet comfortable underwear. The bras are often accompanied by a matching waspie and/or underwear to match it with if you wish. Their ranges now cater up to 44H. Find more sexy at the following:

Savage X Fenty
Playful Promises

I do hope this guide has provided you with more places to find different styles of bras if you’re DD+. All bodies are beautiful and it’s even better when we have underwear to complement our figures and make us feel great.

Until next time,

Emily x

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