£25 skincare routine?! (+ Vanity Planet Review)

Good morning, good evening or goodnight wherever you are! Firstly, I hope you’re doing well – I’m currently sat itching to take my makeup off, but ironically wanted to write this skincare post first.

Sometimes stripping things back into their simplest and most affordable form is what we like to see. I’m yet to venture too far out into the world of more high-end items that are classed as an investment. If you’ve got a bank of any pricier products you swear by – please leave them/any links down below! My aim for 2019 (as per my previous post, cheeky plug) is to incorporate more cruelty free items into my routine, and upon writing this, I realised I have quite a long way to go.

However, not everything I use is tested on animals – including the Vanity Planet skin spa, which if you’d like to see a brief review of, please keep reading.

I’ve grown up watching my mum and sister apply their makeup as well as take it all off at the end of the day. The first thing my mum taught me was the importance of moisturising (and never to forget the neck!) and my sister always emphasised deep and double cleansing, ensuring no dirt is left floating about. My grandad used to tell me that my nanny (who I unfortunately never met) only used hot water to wash her face and “she had bootiful skin”. I gathered all these tips together and started my own routine back in 2013.

For nearly 6 years now I’ve cleansed, toned and moisturised every night and this is my holy grail fix. My morning skincare routine really is as simple as washing with a hot flannel and slapping on a day cream. I learnt quickly that I have combination skin; a very oily t-zone, but prone to dry patches. I’ve also been quite fortunate in that during puberty I very rarely suffered with breakouts. I get the odd spot nowadays (*cough* wash your makeup brushes Emily *cough*), but other than that my skin doesn’t seem too sensitive to new products and is relatively easy to work with. Therefore, my routine definitely won’t suit everyone – but the products used are widely known and often loved so seem a bit more universal.

  1. PRIMARK MAKEUP WIPES £1 (cosmetics are cruelty free, unsure about wipes)

49414169_219903978939805_1423679842129281024_nWalking up to the tills in Primark is like walking through an aisle of every type of face wipe going – they were shoved in my face so much I just had to! The price was a no brainer and if they worked a treat – it’d be even better. I’ve brought so many now because I genuinely really like them and try a new one each time I run out. I use them to take the bulk of my makeup off (even works with stubborn mascara) before using a liquid remover.



48411841_365136704297999_4198570972699164672_nOnce again, a bargain! I started wearing makeup just before prom in 2015 and this is pretty much the only makeup remover I’ve used since. I absolutely LOVE it! It is very oily, but swipes all traces of makeup away so easily. Superdrug once told me it was discontinued and I felt like a lost puppy, but spotted it in Tesco’s for just £2 a bottle, so in fear of it disappearing I stock up every time. Is it on its way out? Who knows! Before it (perhaps) goes, I highly recommend picking one up.



I was pleasantly surprised by the visibly clear pink grapefruit version of this cleanser, but the slight cat pee smell (if you know, you know) put me off. I’ve recently purchased the tangerine + lime wash and it’s doing the job as it should.




49384596_777044346027471_5752755135579160576_nI’m not too fussy with my face masks (I am still getting through all the sheet masks I brought in Korea back in 2017 oops), but find these bad boys do quite literally what it says on the tube. An affordable piece to replenish and they cater for different skin types/problem areas. Once a week and you’re good to go.



I’ve come full circle with this product – I started and ended with it. In the gap of not using it, I tried a few garnier cleansers that seemed to do the same job, just for a bit more money, so it was a no brainer to return to it.




49793688_343703946452879_8648292275450806272_nIn all honesty, I shoved this in my basket for the same reason as the cleanser, and they were conveniently next to each other. It’s not too acidic, so doesn’t sting the skin or eyes unlike other toners I’ve tried. A firm favourite used to be the No7 soft+soothed gentle toner, which I believe has now been revamped into the radiant results toning water. Great for sensitive skin.



Nivea have been my staple brand for moisturisers, I find the little pots go a long way with daily use and sit comfortably on the skin. The day cream is obviously lighter than the night cream so is perfect for a morning pick-me-up.




49739087_564260803985366_5260530155218010112_nThis cream is definitely thicker than its morning counterpart and once layered on, deeply moisturises overnight and hydrates your skin whilst you sleep.

So for roughly £25 you can purchase a full skincare kit which is affordable to replenish and covers the price of probably 1 luxury product.



49897465_359219154856913_3264940228959272960_nMy mum kindly got me this for Christmas as I’ve always been so keen to try an electric cleansing brush. The lovely Imogenation from YouTube has a 70% off code for this product in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7zi7yq_ntI where you can also see the product in all its glory. A reduction from around £102 to £30 seemed like a no brainer and the product has been a god send so far.

It comes in a travel case which contains the handle and 3 heads: cleansing brush, exfoliating brush and silicone brush. The cleansing and silicone brushes are perfect for everyday use and the exfoliator is great for a deeper cleanse 2-3 times a week. It has two speed settings and is easy to transport even without the casing. I’ve noticed less blemishes on my skin and it feels so much softer. Cleansing is probably the most important factor in my routine personally, so knowing my skin is being treated better is great! For what you get, I think this product is a really good deal and allows you to add a little extra to your routine.


So there we have it! My simple and pocket-friendly skincare routine. What are your favourite skincare products that you swear by? Are there any pricier products you want to try? Mine is the Mario Badescu range – let me know down below!

Thanks so much for reading and until next time,

Emily x

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7 thoughts on “£25 skincare routine?! (+ Vanity Planet Review)

  1. sophieamour says:

    Love this! I love that you’ve put together a great skincare routine for £25! If you’re looking for higher end products though, I’m partnered with a beauty and skincare company and would be happy to give you some recommendations. If you’d like, you can add me on Twitter and I’ll give you a message? x


  2. sophieamour says:

    I love this! I love that you’ve put together a great skincare routine for £25! I’ve used the simple cleansing lotion for years!
    If you’re looking for higher end products though, I’m partnered with a beauty and skincare company and would be happy to give you some recommendations. If you’d like, you can add me on Twitter and I’ll give you a message 🙂 x

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