3 things I’ll never regret doing

I’m hoping to start pushing my blog into the more casual, chatty and raw corner where I get more personal and address topics that aren’t all that widely spoken about. I wish this post was my idea, but I stumbled across it in a state of writer’s block on https://www.kotrynabass.com/30-blog-post-ideas-for-your-first-blog-post-ever/.

So many thanks for getting my feet off the ground! If you’d like to read about the 3 things I’ll never regret doing, then please read on…


  1.  Not going to university

For as long as I can remember, going to uni just wasn’t something I envisioned myself doing. There was a gross amount of pressure at my school to go, so of course this led to me still not wanting to go. Uni open days and even courses that appealed to me didn’t change my mind, so I finished sixth form in 2017 and have been carving my own way since. I have nothing against university, but I’ve done and am continuing to do what I’ve always wanted to without going. I’ve travelled, gained full time jobs, settled into an amazing relationship, about to move out for the first time to a different city and found a hobby in blogging. University doesn’t have to be a piece in everyone’s puzzle, but the pressure surrounding the importance of a degree grinds my gears sometimes. Dreams work hard if you do.

  1. Leaving certain friendships behind/not forcing them

Good god I’ve retreated from social butterfly to rather lonely cocoon. But I’m oddly glad. It’s pretty much fact that upon leaving school, everyone goes off in all sorts of directions and this can cause friendships to naturally drift and grow apart. So therefore, trying to kid yourself and force friendships to stay the same, when they’re nothing like they were before – is only going to end one way. I had best friends I thought I’d grow old with, yet sat here now, I haven’t spoken to or seen them in months and months. There were no arguments or sour endings, but that doesn’t stop the heartbreak of losing what was once, a great friendship.

Realising that you mostly made the effort or sent that “wanna go for a coffee?” text first, is a kick in the teeth and can leave you feeling like a bit of a bum. A phrase I’ve seen circulating around twitter is “stop messaging people and see all the dead plants you’ve been watering”. So although I’m now left with 1 or 2 friends as opposed to a whole group, I now know who’s good for me and my journey. Be selfish sometimes and your future self will thank you for it.

  1. Being a doormat

I’m so glad I was a wet dressing gown sleeve at times. All those times I had the word “mug” stamped on my forehead were, granted, the shittiest of times, but it’s landed me where I am today. I love who and where I am today, so thank you to everyone that’s been an arsehole – this one’s for you. In life, there’ll be occasions where you’ll knock your own wall down and stick a middle finger up to your own morals. But not before long, you’ll knock some sense into yourself and rebuild that wall back up even stronger than before. I now know my worth and will not accept anything any less no matter the person or situation.

I definitely think there was some pent up emotion behind this post, but it felt so good to put it into words and hopefully maybe you’ve related somewhat. I hope to do more stuff like this in the future – so if you have any suggestions please do let me know!

What 3 things will you never regret doing?

Until next time,

Emily x

16 thoughts on “3 things I’ll never regret doing

  1. carnyschronicles says:

    I always enjoy readind personal stories😊 To be honest I agree with number 2, it is sad but sometimes you have to go your own way. Another thing i never regret doing was to fall in love fully though it did not work out.

    Liked by 1 person

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