Am I like my zodiac sign?

Star signs. Horoscopes. Astrology. What does that all mean for me? I’ve always been guilty since I was old enough to read my mum’s magazines, of skipping to the page where I would be told my fortunes for today/this month/this year. Now I’m older and have a decent amount of experience under my belt – I wanted to delve into my star sign and see if my personality lines up with it at all.

So if you’re a Cancer like myself, or just have an interest in the weird and wonderful world of star signs, then I hope you enjoy!

I’ve done a fair bit of research for this post and actually found it scarily interesting. As a bit of background, there are 12 zodiac signs that belong to one of the 4 elements (water, fire, earth and air). Knowledge of astronomy and maths contribute to create personality traits for each of the signs – clever really! Supposed attributes of each sign can tell you about your: love life, career, health, appearance, likes and dislikes etc. I thought it would be interesting to see how accurate I found it to be (spoiler: very accurate). I can of course only talk about being a Cancer (June 24th babies holla), but I’d love to hear in the comments if you’re like your star signs too.


Element: Water
Ruling planet: Moon
Quality: Cardinal (still don’t really know what this is)
Lucky gem: Ruby, pearl
Greatest overall compatibility: Capricorn, Taurus

Firstly, from just this – I can derive that I was a water baby as a child, I’ve always loved pearl earrings and my boyfriend is a Capricorn.

Cancers are known to have a “strong sense of domesticity, femininity and sensitivity” and are sentimental and nostalgic by nature. I’ve always held onto memories and photographs and would never throw something away if it had any significant meaning attached to it. I love nothing more than reminiscing over some amazing times! I keep receipts, train tickets, napkins – you name it, I’ve probably got it somewhere. In terms of domesticity, I think my home comfort self has a knack for making a house a home. I’ve never minded housework, so cleaning and learning to cook are more enjoyable than a boring chore. I do have quite the devotion to my home life.

Cancers are also known to be homebodies that spend lots of time decorating and filling their homes with comforts. This is particularly true as I moved out of my family home just yesterday, and having all my loved possessions around me in a new house, has made things feel much more me and natural. In regards to the above, I do embrace my femininity and am proud of the woman I’ve grown to be today. Sensitivity is a whole other ball game – if it’s close to my heart I can sympathise very well or perhaps feel too much, however I’m not easily offended and have a very open (and quite dark) sense of humour.

cancer s + w.PNG

I can definitely respect the fact I can be moody, more so when I’m hungry, tired or if you’ve really pissed me off. I wouldn’t regard myself as manipulative or necessarily insecure, but I am guilty of being the more “glass half empty not half full” typa gal. Uncommunicative is quite an odd one. Talking has never been an issue (my family can vouch), but in terms of opening up and talking about negative things, it does take a lot of time for me to spill the beans.

Although being tenacious is quite a good thing, I wouldn’t have labelled myself as being so. I’m almost too laid back I’m horizontal and very much like going with the flow. Being imaginative was something I learnt as a child playing outside, which then wove its way into my love of writing as I got older. Writing stories was one of my favourite things to do and English was my strongest subject at school. I can sympathise well, I’ve always prided myself on my friends coming to me for advice because I love knowing that I’ve managed to help in some shape or form. My boyfriend is the only one to back the romantic corner – so hopefully he’ll agree!

cancers l + d

This is why I found researching this post so interesting, because I truly can relate to 90% of what I’m reading. Fair enough my C in my art GCSE explains that my skills aren’t that up to par, but I do enjoy getting creative. Again, my homebird instincts means I didn’t feel comfortable going to social clubs that much as a child and preferred to play at home with friends. Today, that’s turned into a hobby in blogging and makeup etc – where I can sit in the comfort of my own room. I don’t really think many people would enjoy criticisms of their mother so this is probably a general standpoint. I don’t mind strangers, but I do believe I’m a good judge of character and the initial vibes someone gives off are vital. Revealing of personal life is a mixed one, I share what I’m comfortable with sharing, with who I’m comfortable sharing it with it that makes sense.

For cancers, social gatherings can be overwhelming because they prefer to cut the awkwardness of small talk, and surround themselves with like minded individuals they can be around naturally. I reckon most people could relate to this, especially if you’re more introverted and steer away from those pesky family gatherings.

CAREER AND MONEY: Security and money are of great importance, protective of job status and the goal is to save and watch investments grow. May move job to job, but is known to be the hardest and most reliable worker.

I’d like to think I’m a trustworthy employee that is there to work, so will work! However, I’m only 19 and about to start my 6th job since the age of 16. To some that might sound ludicrous, but to me a job is just a job that pays your way and kills your time from Monday to Friday. However, financial stability is one of my most hot topics, I have to know I’m getting a stable income each month in order to stay sane.

LOVE: “It’s not uncommon for cancers to fall into committed love after just a few weeks”. My boyfriend and I dropped the L bomb relatively early, but it felt like the right time. He’s my first relationship and here I am sat living with him over a year down the line. Yay for the zodiac!

RANDOMS: These traits are perhaps a little personal, but sharing is caring! Cancers ruled parts are the stomach and chest. Stress and worry can cause stomach upsets (tell me about it). The chest part I wasn’t sure, but maybe a bigger bust can support that theory? For female personality traits, cancer women are likely to wear matching lingerie underneath conventional outwear, which pretty much describes my wardrobe.

Researching more into my zodiac sign has lessened my belief that it’s all a load of mumbo jumbo. Whether I relate due to coincidence seems unlikely, when all the 4/5 websites I looked on described me how I would describe myself. Spooky! I hope you’ve found this interesting and would love to know down below if you relate as a cancer or perhaps another sign. What does your sign say about you?

Until next time,

Emily x





23 thoughts on “Am I like my zodiac sign?

  1. Lee says:

    Wait until you research birth charts. If you know what time you were born or have a good idea you can easily look up ”calculate birth chart”. You’ll be mind blown. Everyone is a more than one sign. We have a sun sign, which for you would be cancer, a moon sign, a rising sign, and a bunch of others depending on your chart. It all plays a part which is why one cancer can be different from another.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. L E L L O W B says:

    I absolutely love this post! I am such a Gemini and when people as why I’m so lost as to where to even start on how Gemini I am. You may have just inspired something amazing!
    Great post girlie xo B

    Liked by 1 person

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