January 2019 Review

I wasn’t planning on doing monthly review posts this year, but as I’m sat here on the last day of this busy month – I feel like I can confidently say I’ve achieved a heck of a lot and would love to share that with you all (she says to the small, but lovely crowd she has).

January 2019 was all about diving head first into full blown adulthood, however the diving board was rather high and meant I slapped like a piece of meat on the water. But I’ve surfaced well! Alive and telling the tale. So let’s see what I got up to….

January is well known for being what feels like the longest monthΒ ever and home to Blue Monday. However, despite the amount that’s happened I feel like these 31 days have flashed before my eyes. December marked the end of my employment with my old job (we love redundancy), and so January 3rd rolled around and I was sat interviewing for a new position in a different city. I got a call that day to say I made their decision very easy and that I had bagged the position! I couldn’t have gotten off to a better start.

This meant that my move to a different city to move in with my boyfriend was all systems go. The majority of this month has been spent buying bits, packing up and moving in. This brought a lot of emotional baggage with it as coming to terms with leaving your family home is really difficult, especially leaving my dogs!

I’m proud of how well I’ve settled into living independently. I’ve kept well on top of the washing, doing the dishes, cooking, cleaning and doing the food shop, which I couldn’t have done without my boyfriend. There’s been a lot of change and I’ve had my good and bad days – but I’m overall beyond happy with how everything is going.


Which of my 2019 goals have I achieved so far?

  1. Adopting a more cruelty-free lifestyle: I’ve not incorporated any cruelty-free products, but I feel like I’ve eaten less meat – especially with my lunches. I’ve found a new found love for vegetarian mushroom and rice bakes from Tesco, highly recommend!

2. Move out: Check! Moving day was stressful as I was moving into my boyfriend’s house he shares with 2 friends, but I spent the day unpacking and now it feels like home. (The pic of the lake you see is actually my new walk to work!)

3. Settle into a new job: I’m yet to settle into my job as I start next Monday, but I’ve met my team and I’m really excited for this new chapter.

4. Hit 1k on insta: I’m still a little way off, but I didn’t expect to grow as much as I did this month so that’s a bonus

5. Gain more blog traffic: Although my numbers aren’t consistently that high every day, I’m still gaining views each day which I didn’t have before; the engagement I’ve had across different posts has been amazing to see – so thank you so much if you were one!

Overall, I’m pleased with how January has panned out, which is a really positive way to enter February. It’s always good to acknowledge your achievements, no matter how big or small – so what have you achieved in January? I’d love to know.

Until next time,

Emily x




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