Haunted experience: Cobb Hall, Lincoln Castle

Today’s post is another slightly different one, as I delve into my one and only “paranormal” experience. As a brief background, I’ve always believed in spirits and “ghosts” (whatever you prefer to call them). I’d just never had any experience myself, until the late summer of 2016…

Background of Cobb Hall: Built 1000 years ago by William the Conqueror after the Battle of Hastings (1066) and located on the North Eastern part of the castle, Cobb Hall has it’s fair share of dark history. “Between 1817 and 1859 executions by hanging took place on the roof”. There were 38 condemned prisoners, who attracted mass crowds on their day of execution. Due to the vaulted architecture on the lower part of Cobb Hall, it is believed to have perhaps been a chapel as well as a dungeon.

Preserved wall carvings in the old dungeon

So what happened?

This is definitely a short but questionably sweet encounter, that only left me feeling confused and intrigued. It was during broad daylight, on a sunny and relatively quiet day. My Mum, Dad, sister and I were spending the day in Lincoln for my sister’s birthday. We were taking our time making our own way around, but me and mum were exploring Cobb Hall after my Dad and sister.

I actually have all the pictures I took before and directly after this event which I’ve inserted so you can picture what it looks like. After exploring the small lower dungeon room, we made our way back up the stairs, me behind mum. I was taking pictures as she made her way back up and outside, when I let her know that I’ll hurry up because the woman behind me is climbing up too. Only to find as I turned around, that there was in fact, no woman to be seen.

When I caught up with mum I immediately told her what I’d seen, whilst adamant I wasn’t too keen on going back down again to check. Contrary to usual sightings people might have, I didn’t come away feeling unnerved or scared – just confidently shocked and confused. Interesting because….

The stairwell, taken just before sighting

Hauntings of Cobb Hall: “Cobb hall plays host to a lady dressed in black who goes up and down the stairs leading to the old gallows, the Observatory Tower is a hotbed of strange shadows and dark shapes descending the stairs”. I can’t lie and say I could give a full visual description of the lady I thought was behind me, other than she was dressed in a dark long dress. Which admittedly sounds super cliche, but not unusual for the time of year I suppose.

It took me a long while after this to bother researching into it, not for any particular reason. I was only unnerved when I found out about another sighting in this location. A violent “ghost” tried to push a young child down the stairs, but the Dad’s quick reflexes kicked in and saved him. He then watched the woman disappear from view…

Conclusion: I can safely say that spirit(s) inhabiting this part of the castle are understandably not going to be pleasant. It’s not a surprise this is one of Lincoln’s most haunted locations, especially considering the amount of executions that took place. It leaves me with 3 questions I’d love to get an answer to.

1. Was she one of the condemned prisoners?

2. Why try to harm an innocent child?

3. Why is she so confident to show herself?

Thank you for reading if you’ve got to this point, I’d love to hear your thoughts down below. Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

Until next time,

Emily x

17 thoughts on “Haunted experience: Cobb Hall, Lincoln Castle

  1. Francesca says:

    I’ve never had an experience like this but I’d love to! I can imagine it was really confusing to experience that, especially when you looked into it and found what you did. She could be a woman that was imprisoned there.

    I find it interesting, and love to know peoples theories of who the ghosts are and why they haunt that specific place.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Fran x

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  2. Ashley Firth says:

    What a fabulous encounter! I love posts like these. It’s funny because paranormal encounters never leave us feeling as we would expect! I’ve had a few experiences and they’ve left me more confused than scared. What a great place with great history too! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. writingthebluesaway says:

    Ooh this is so creepy! I’ve never had an encounter but people I know have. Logically it’s hard to believe ghosts exist but there are so many encounters that I find myself convinced they’re real! It seems too much of a coincidence that you saw her in the same place the story says 😱 I’m also wondering why she took her anger out on a child and her backstory to make her an evil spirit.

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  4. George@BritVoyage says:

    Experiences like that are so freaky! Thankfully you were only stalked rather than pushed down the stairs.
    I worked in an archive and museum called Valence House in Becontree, London and during the Christmas party, I was allowed to lock up the museum which was in Valence House, an old rich person’s home which was apparently haunted. Again, there were stories of people being pushed down the stairs – probably just what ghosts do for fun. Some of the rooms linked up by interconnecting doors and as I turned off the lights in the far room, the interconnecting door slammed shut. All windows and the front door were shut, so there was no way a breeze could have slammed such a heavy door. I nearly cried.

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