Chatty Tuesday: Experience with the pill (Loestrin 20)

As you may have noticed from the title of this post, I’m hoping to start a mini series off whereby every Tuesday I have a chat about more personal topics/life advice. To kick start this off, I wanted to holla at my fellow ladies who need to shut down the baby factory or calm those periods down.

I’m by no means a doctor, so all information gathered can be found online or comes from personal experience.

I’ve only been on 1 form of oral contraception and that’s the contraceptive pill. I’ve been taking Loestrin 20 for over a year now and can honestly say I only really have positives to say.

Loestrin 20 is a combination pill of estrogen and progesterone that prevents ovulation (eggs being released from the ovaries). This pill:

  • Increases the natural thickness of the mucus at the neck of the womb
  • Thins the line of the womb to make it harder for fertilised eggs to implant there

How is it taken?

I visit my local iCash clinic (“Integrated contraception and sexual health services across Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Peterborough, and Suffolk”) when I need more of the pill. It’s a free service and friendly for all ages covering a wide range of sexual health aspects. I’m usually given 3 boxes of pills each time, each containing 3 packs of 21 pills. That’s 63 pills. The recently introduced method I was told to follow, is to take 63 pills consecutively and then have a 4 day break to allow my body to experience a breakthrough bleed. The good news is that you are still protected during the 4 day break (not from STIs so wrap it before you tap it)

I can’t talk about any other forms of the pill or methods of taking them, as this is what I’ve been accustomed to for a long time now. I take my pill around 20:40 every night as that time fit my schedule the best when I first started taking it, but it still works well now. This pill completely stops my periods, and I get a bleed around day 2/3 of the pill break for around 3 days. The bleeding during the break can be very heavy, however once I start taking the pill again the bleeding stops completely again after around 2/3 days.

How about physical/emotional effects?

Personally, I’ve experienced no drastic side effects from this pill – which is definitely something that worried me as I’d heard so many horror stories. I’ve had no cramps, mood swings, changes to my mental health or best of all – periods! My bra size did increase quite a bit after starting this pill, which I have no other explanation for. Not having a period though is so convenient and means I don’t have to worry about coming on when I have plans.

Scary Mommy, a subscription story on Snapchat wrote about the detrimental mental effects the combined pill can have on its users. They wrote “women taking oral contraceptive birth control are more likely to be treated for depression” with the depression risk increasing to 80% for teenagers.

“Loestrin 20 is most often prescribed for young women who don’t have any major health issues. It’s not suitable for women who have an increased risk of getting a blood clot, including women over 35 who smoke.”

I obviously 100% advise seeking medical advice if this pill sounds like something you believe would be beneficial to you and your lifestyle. It seems like a great option for women that experience particularly heavy and painful periods. I’ve heard so many unfortunate stories of young women experiencing such a detrimental effect from taking the pill; no matter what reason they may be taking it for. I hope this post has educated some on another option that is out there if the current option isn’t working out. Let’s break the stigma of taboo topics and talk more!

I hope you enjoyed this bitesize look into this pill and found it somewhat informative. My question for the comments is: do you think a male contraceptive should be created? E.g. a pill or inplant for males? A study was undertaken for male hormonal birth control, but the potential side effects (which are just a few of what women experience) were deemed too much.

Thank you for reading and until next time,

Emily x

18 thoughts on “Chatty Tuesday: Experience with the pill (Loestrin 20)

  1. writingthebluesaway says:

    This is a really informative post; personally I’m on Rigevidon and there are so many horror stories around it, but I’ve been on it for a couple of years now and I’ve been okay. It just all depends on the person! To answer your question, I think a male contraceptive definitely should be created; sex involves two people so why should just women have to go through the side effects/the pain of trying to find the right contraceptive for them?

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    • emilygabriellax says:

      I’ve heard of that pill quite a lot! I’m glad you haven’t suffered from taking it, it’s scary what it can do to the body! I have to agree with you, it takes two to tango – although I wouldn’t wish the side effects on anyone. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  2. Coralle says:

    Great post, it’s interesting to read about different experiences. I personally had a terrible time on more than one contraceptive pill but it’s clear my body just can’t handle the hormones. Every body is different!

    Coralle x

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  3. catdarlingsite says:

    I’m actually on the same pill and I have been on about 6 different forms of birth control. Including the patch, shot, and the implant. I’ve had issues with all of them. This one has the least side effects…but the dermatologist said it might be what’s causing my melasma…pigmentation. My only option at this point seems to be going off the pill to answer your question..YES. I absolutely think they should make a male birth control. It’s not really fair to make woman do all the planning when it comes to prevention.

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    • emilygabriellax says:

      I’ve not come across anyone yet on the same pill, it’s interesting how differently everyone reacts to different methods! I do think a male contraceptive should be introduced if possible! Thank you for reading and commenting 😊


  4. Sunshine with Savannah says:

    This is a great post on a very important topic! I was on my birth control pill from age 16 to 23 and mostly loved it. I only recently changed to an IUD because my insurance changed. I will say, it would be very refreshing if there was a similar solution for men; if my husband could have a birth control option that was semi-permanent, we would definitely consider it. It’s a lot of responsibility to take a pill every day or pay for procedures, and it would be nice to shift the pressure. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

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    • emilygabriellax says:

      It’s good you haven’t had too bad of an experience with the pill! I wish it didn’t affect so many. I absolutely agree, if the science is there we should utilise it! I wouldn’t want anyone to put up with the side effects though. Thank you for reading and commenting!😊


  5. The Amy Tales says:

    Great post. I’ve never personally heard of Loestrin 20 but sounds like its really settled with your body well. Its nice to actually see a good experience with a pill. All you tend to hear are negatives. I’ve been on a few over the years and i did find one i was on for a long time and it was a dream. Unfortunately i got put on the mini pill for health reasons and i hate it. Hopefully i will find another that suits me again. Love your post. Thanks for sharing 💕

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  6. asouthernworld (@asouthernworld) says:

    I’ve been on Lo Loestrin Fe and thought it was great for me! I had read a ton of negative reviews and was terrified, but I think that’s the norm for all birth controls. I’ve actually been considering going off all birth control because I’ve been on the pill since my early 20s (to regulate my cycle), but that’s scary to me.

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    • emilygabriellax says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience! The loestrin pill does seem to have considerably less side effects, but I feel like not many women know about it! I can understand why you’d be apprehensive, but fingers crossed it works out okay


  7. Brandi Parsons says:

    Glad to hear you have had a positive experience with the pill. I can’t say the same, but I am also in the U.S., so I am sure there are other issues at play too.

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