5 things that empower me as a woman

Empowerment, by definition, is “the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.” 

I can pair this definition so well to the change I’ve seen in myself over the last couple of years since leaving school. I can physically feel how much more confident I am, as well as mentally feeling the strongest I ever have. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight just 5 things that continually empower me as a woman and allow me to lead my best life as this 5’9 ginger lady.

  1. My body. Sat here today, as a nearly 20 year old woman – I can look in the mirror and feel proud of how my body has grown and shaped me into who I am. Looking at my curves makes me feel proud of the home I’ll be able to provide for my children I will carry in the future. Of course I have down days, but I’m more appreciative of how body allows me to feel and function, and for all the good it continues to provide. Women like my mum, Melanie Murphy and Little Mix are incredible of examples for me of how all bodies are beautiful, and how you should love yours too.
  2. My intelligence. I’m by no means a brain box, but I definitely underestimate my intelligence and capabilities. Since a young age I’ve been told I doubt myself too much – so gradually I’ve allowed myself to acknowledge what I’ve learnt. I have to give credit to my life experience so far and all that it has taught me. I am still learning every day about a multitude of things, but I have faith in what I know
  3. My boyfriend. I understand it’s good to grow your own confidence – but it’s also massively enhanced by those around you. The confidence and pure empowerment I’ve felt since being with him is unlike anything I’ve felt before. The love and affection I’m shown every day really puts a kick in my step and makes me feel proud of the woman I have become.
  4. My sense of humour. It’s really difficult talking about yourself without seeming big headed, but literally as I was writing this post, my boyfriend and I were messing around and he goes “you’re just fucking funny aren’t ya”. My mum (in her very mum way) has said I should be a comedian because of how much I make her laugh. Having the ability to make (some) people laugh and smile has always been one of my favourite things to do. My quick wit and dry/dark humour has definitely made for some fun times.
  5. What I’ve achieved.  For my age, I’m really pleased with what I’ve accomplished. Considering it’s not even been 2 years since I finished my A Levels, I’ve managed to tick 2 places off of my bucket list, gain full time jobs and move out of my family home and in with my boyfriend (he clearly has a good influence!). My smaller scale achievements e.g. getting out of bed on days I don’t want to, picking up new skills at work, learning to cook a new meal and blogging, all restore the faith in myself that I really can do it. Regardless of the scale of my achievements, they all boost my confidence levels and push me to be a stronger woman every day.

No matter the gender, it’s SO important to recognise and love all the things that empower you and allow you to bathe in the glory that is yourself! I would love for you to comment down below as many things as you like that empower you and let’s share the love.

“Empowered women, empower women”

Until next time,

Emily x

28 thoughts on “5 things that empower me as a woman

  1. msb.life says:

    aw this post is amazing!! thank you for sharing the empowerment and it’s also motivational as i finished my a levels back in June and have just started a job etc.. and looking forward to moving out later this year!

    Liked by 1 person

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