Chatty Tuesday: Feeling confident without makeup

Welcome to part 2 of my Chatty Tuesday series! Today’s topic is looking at the connection between makeup and confidence.

Do you wear makeup every day? At the weekends? For special occasions? Or not at all? Regardless of how often we apply a multitude of products to our lovely little faces, it’s all for many different reasons. These include: to cover acne and scarring, to hide redness, to enhance what’s already there or to completely transform how we look. We can be a very judgemental society that sticks its nose into other people’s business and what they like to do with their own bodies. Does this impact our confidence levels too?

As a bit of personal background, I started applying makeup when I was around 15/16 when I was sitting my GCSE exams and sat here at nearly 20 years old – I’ve come a long way. I didn’t start wearing makeup because I felt insecure without it, I just felt excited to start practicing with different products. Did the subconscious confidence it gave me, come at a time when confidence was needed most? I’ve grown up with watching my mum and sister apply it – again, both for different reasons. My sister suffered for years with a severe case of cystic acne, whereas I have inherited my mum’s spot-free skin.

To this day, if I do get the odd spot or blemish – I am so grateful that I have the resources to cover it up if I so wish. But do I have to cover it? Absolutely bloody not. My cheeks are naturally quite red, especially when I’m nervous or feeling warm – so every morning my trusty green concealer wedges its way into my skin to cover it up. This makes me feel more confident.

I would say I have quite a good self-esteem and am happy in my own skin. I adore no makeup days, or days where I wear very little and let my freckles shine through. However, I work full time – so Monday through to Friday I wear a full face of natural makeup and have always done if I’m going to work. I’m still trying to work out if this is in fear of people seeing me without it? I don’t wear an amount where I look like a completely different person without it, but I feel more put together with it on (in my opinion). I enjoy my morning routine and I love makeup – putting a fresh face on sometimes does make me feel a lot better and more awake.


Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay

There is quite a heavy correlation between wearing makeup and confidence. You’ll see men and women in your everyday life or on Youtube, that wear makeup as they don’t feel as confident without it. No one has a right to dictate who should feel confident and who shouldn’t. You could believe that the girl in your class or at work shouldn’t feel the need to apply foundation over her already flawless skin – but that’s her choice and nobody else’s. Ultimately, makeup is a choice.

But there is a science behind it known as the “lipstick effect”.

“This “lipstick effect” is a common psychological phenomenon that boosts the confidence of a woman when she wears makeup and feels physically more attractive. It helps women to have the feelings of self-esteem, personality, and attitude. An important thing is a boost or improvement in the self-esteem helps to boost the cognitive abilities, the Huffington Post reported.”

I think the correlation between confidence and makeup is so interesting. A product which is a potion of different ingredients that we smooth and draw on our skin, has the ability to make us feel so different. I know that different makeup looks affect my attitude, half the time unintentionally. A quick splash of concealer and mascara makes me feel cute and youthful – whereas a smokey winged eyeliner look makes me feel like a boss ass bitch. It’s incredibly important however, to ensure we feel still feel confident without it.


It’s so much easier said than done, and I wish everyone had positive influences surrounding them to help incorporate this. I’m currently sat fresh out the shower with no makeup and my hair in a turbie towel with my partner playing games next to me. I am eternally grateful he is such a wonderful man and how he always calls me beautiful – oddly enough at the times I feel it least. Many people don’t feel confident to go makeup-less around their family, friends, partner etc. 3 things I think are important to remember:

  • Your family, friends and partner love you for YOU. It sounds so cliche, but their opinions of you shouldn’t change whether you have makeup on or not. Your ability to be a good person will be what remains with people, not whether your eyeshadow is effortlessly blended.
  • Makeup should be enjoyable and not a chore. If makeup makes you happy – you go for it! But if it’s making you unhappy, stop to take some time out and re-evaluate who you’re really doing it for. If it’s not yourself, it most definitely should be.
  • Focus on what else makes you feel confident other than makeup and incorporate just as much time into that. Is it your hair? Clothing style? Your contagious laugh?

I want to set my self a challenge soon and go makeup-less for an entire working week. I am more than happy to trot around at the weekend without it, but the thought of going bare in front of work colleagues makes my hairs stands up a bit. But I don’t want it to. So I want to make a conscious effort to change my thought process and give a little bit back to myself.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the correlation between makeup and confidence – let’s have a discussion in the comments! Thank you to Millie from who tweeted me about this topic!

Until next time,

Emily x

19 thoughts on “Chatty Tuesday: Feeling confident without makeup

  1. writingthebluesaway says:

    I’d never been a massive make up fan, but I started wearing foundation and concealer when I was around fourteen; I’ve always suffered with breakouts and redness so I used it to cover up something I was conscious about. However as I got older I started using more make up not to cover up but because I enjoyed it. I’m no expert but it’s fun to enhance your features to give you a confidence boost! But it’s also become easier to not wear make up; I’ve gone into town not wearing any, many of my friends have seen me without it, my family all the time. My make up is a natural look anyway so I really don’t look much different! There are some times where my skin is particularly bad that I wouldn’t dream of going out without it but I’d love to do what you’re doing and go a week. I feel it would be so liberating! Sorry for the long comment haha.

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  2. Morning Magalogue says:

    I love this post so much. I used to cake my face with tons of foundation because I was ashamed on my blemishes and scarring. I wore make up to hide my face but at the same time, it was the make up that as causing me to break out.

    Although I still love make up and agree that make up can make you feel your best, I wanted to experiment and try to feel my best even without make up. I stopped wearing foundation and only wear bb cream if I’m going out to do something more fancy.

    It definitely takes a lot of getting used to but even without wearing foundation, I’ve grown to be a lot more comfortable in my natural skin.

    It’s sad that make up correlates with confidence so much when it shouldn’t. At least not too much. Make up is fun too, but we should feel as confident without it!

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    • emilygabriellax says:

      I couldn’t agree with more with this comment! It makes me really happy that you’re now more comfortable in your own skin, I think a lot of us could be surprised how confident we feel without makeup if we just allowed ourselves to see our natural beauty!

      I feel like social media is definitely emphasising “no makeup makeup looks” and influencers happily show that they go without from time time

      Thank you for your comment!💖


      • GetUpGetAway says:

        I actually never wear makeup! And if I do, it’s usually just mascara and a lip (which I only do when I’m going out). I love watching makeup videos though – maybe one day I’ll sit down and try it for myself!
        I do think more people these days feel the need to wear makeup to be confident. I hope they all know you’ll be loved no matter what!
        Sarah |

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  3. says:

    YAY!! this is such a great post Emily and I love your idea about going makeup-less for a week and I look forward to reading that blog post! I personally am not a huge fan of makeup, and I have only even worn foundation etc.. for about 2 years back in year 10 and 11 when I was self conscious and felt like I HAD to. I suffer from bad skin unfortunately but I try to handle it without foundation etc.. but I also love eye make up so that’s what I wear on a day to day basis. I am not an expert but I find times where I just like to sit down and have a bit of fun with it all haha – thank you for sharing!:)

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    • emilygabriellax says:

      Thank you for this comment!! It’s so nice to see people wearing whatever amount they want and feeling good about it! Makeup is there to have fun with and enjoy, but if there’s a day you just don’t want to – that’s cool too! Thank you for reading 😊


  4. W.D. Herstun says:

    I definitely think that the correlation with the increase in makeup and the development of high definition technology is relevant! Now all of a sudden, everyone in front of a camera is exposed down to the pore! It wasn’t like that when I was growing up, before internet, and bandwidth. Makeup was popular but usually for occasions. Now I have friends that won’t leave home without it. And it’s SUCH a lucrative market too.
    I love the week without make-up and I hope that you feel absolutely ‘bloody’ beautiful. Beauty is so much more complex than what you can ever cover up on your face or change about your body. 🖤

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    • emilygabriellax says:

      I couldn’t agree more with that final statement! I think as long as people are applying it for themselves and feel good, there’s no harm! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we don’t need makeup to tell us that 💖 thank you for reading and commenting!

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  5. Shannen says:

    This is a really positive and empowering post, thanks for sharing! I’ve worn makeup since I was about thirteen or fourteen, and also wanted to start wearing it to experiment with new products. My mum has always been amazing at makeup, and I enjoyed learning from her. That’s a really interesting point about whether applying makeup at that age can make you more reliant on it for confidence – although not consciously – I think for me it did. I have felt more comfortable without makeup on as I’ve gotten older, and love no makeup days chilling out at home. I’m not used to going out in public without makeup, but sometimes I do. It really depends on how clear my skin is, and whether I’m feeling tired or not, because makeup is part of my ‘waking up’ routine. x

    Shannen |


    • emilygabriellax says:

      We do sound very similar in this respect! Makeup is there to enjoy as and when we want to, it’s great to see that you can go without more now! Thank you for reading and comment your opinion!x


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