February in Review

It’s actually quite scary that 2 months of 2019 are gone already! Like I did for January, I wanted to take this opportunity to have a look at what I achieved over the month and what I perhaps could have done a bit better. March is right around the corner, so I’m hoping to keep up with some, if not all of my 2019 goals – which you can read here!

It’s actually quite enjoyable to sit down at the end of the month and have some accountability time. A chance to reflect, review and renew. It’s beneficial to track your own progression and achievements – so let’s get started!

February has been my first full month living away from home and starting my new job. I’ve visited my family home a couple times, I miss my dog way too much. Other than that, overall it has been a month of my partner and I adjusting to our new found routine of living with each other. Settling into a nice schedule has definitely alleviated some of the pressure of everyday life and it’s been a much smoother ride this month. As for my 2019 goals, what can I tick more of?

  1. Adopting a more cruelty-free lifestyle: I’ve found myself eating more meat for lunch and dinner now I’m back working full time, so any filling alternatives any of you might know of would be much appreciated.
  2. Move out: I can officially say I have done this. Rent galore.
  3. Settle into a job: I’m going into my 4th week at my new job and I definitely like it. I’ve done office work before, but I can really sink my teeth into this role and the people have been the most welcoming I’ve ever known so it’s been easy to settle in.
  4. Hit 1k on insta: We’re getting closer and closer! I’ve had much more interaction this month and have been seeing pretty feeds everywhere! Here is my instagram, and if you’re trying to grow too, please comment your insta down below
  5. Gain more blog traffic: I’m actually getting daily views now! Most days my numbers are very low, but still very much appreciated. The day of a new post and the days following, are my best for views – but I’ve started to grow my number of returning readers which is really lovely to see
  6. Make more friends in the blogging community: I have most definitely gained some friends this month! Making friends was one of the very top reasons I wanted to start blogging, to have more people to chat and laugh with. One very good friend is Mollie from https://millennialmascot.wordpress.com/. Her posts are super motivational and helpful and she’s hoping to be a life coach –  so she’d love the support!
  7. Do more for charity: I’m still donating my £2 a month to WaterAid, because in all honesty £2 is not a great deal out of our pockets, but it can do so much for others. I have donated to two of my friends as they are both doing runs for charity. My friend Millie is doing the Great North run for the Mayview Animal Home. My other friend Darryl is taking part in the Rat Race Dirty Weekend for Children with Cancer UK. Any donations are greatly appreciated and are going towards great causes.

February has been a challenging month to say the least, but super exciting in terms of my personal goals and progression. I feel much more content with life in general and the direction my little blog is going in. I still need to get my drivers license, learn to boxer braid and travel somewhere abroad! I’d love to know in the comments below how February has treated you!

Until next time,

Emily x

14 thoughts on “February in Review

  1. emilygabriellax says:

    Thank you reading! I would say adopting a more cruelty free lifestyle, doing more for charity and making new friends! The other goals are great for me, but I want to grow as a person as much as possible


  2. msb.life says:

    AWH thank you so much for mentioning my run in your post!:) In regards to the meat alternatives I recommend going to Iceland and trying their new vegan range or some Quorn etc.. also are you gonna do a post on moving out? I want to try achieve that before the end of 2019 and would be interested to hear your process!


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