My Everyday Makeup Bag

As much as I ADORE makeup, I really haven’t tried all that much! Every now and again I’ll do a little splurge and try some new things and add them to my routine alongside the oldies but goldies. I’m bursting at the seams to try some new products, so if you have any recommendations PLEASE leave them down below – I’d love to see what you love!

I have managed to create a routine whereby I do really like each product and often rebuy elements when they run out. I work 40 hour weeks, so Monday to Friday I do a full face of natural looking makeup and I love spending my half hour in the morning doing it! Each of the products I use are so buildable in so many ways, so I can use the exact same products on a Saturday if I want to glam up a bit more and make a completely different look. (They’re affordable too!)

* I’m all about being open and real on this blog, so I’m letting the world to see my gross products that I tried cleaning up, but when the writing is scratched off, she doesn’t have the budget to buy new ones for pics x *


I have oily/combination skin, so my T-zone is like a landing strip halfway through the day, but the outer parts of my face can get really dry. So of course I try to cater my products to this.

Primer: Collection Primed & Ready Mattifying Pore Minimiser £4.99

I’m happy to say this does the job. It dulls down the glow of my morning moisturiser but doesn’t suck all of the moisture out of it, so it acts as a really smoothing gel-like base. Do primers really work? Who knows. Will I keep buying them? Yes.

Foundation: Maybelline Superstay Foundation 24 Hour £9.99

This is a much raved about foundation and I can see why! One thing I have tried a lot of is foundations, and this one I’ve brought over and over. It just tops my other favourite foundation, the Revlon Colourstay. It’s classed as a full coverage foundation, but is most certainly buildable, which I really appreciate in a foundation.

Beauty Blender – I usually get the Real Techniques 2 Pack, but tried the B Beauty 2 Pack which are cheaper and blend really nicely.

Concealer: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer £4.19

What a beautiful product! This is such a staple product within the beauty community and loved by so many! It’s the only concealer I’ve ever really tried, but I’m aware there are some rivals out there I’d like to try one day. For the price, I’m so pleased with how long these concealers last, daily use and I’m still going for 1-2 months. I use the green colour corrector most days too!

Powder: Revolution Baking Powder Lace £5

Oh honey, wOW! I used to be a Rimmel Stay Matte biatch all the way, but this powder has changed the game for me and my oily skin. With a damp beauty blender I push this powder into my T-zone and I’ve noticed such a reduction in the amount of oil that shows throughout the day. It can be lightly dusted, or used for baking so is super versatile. On weekdays my makeup is on for at least 12 hours so a decent powder is well needed.

Bronzer: B.Matte Bronzer £7.99

Prior to this bronzer I used the bronzer shade from my Naked Flushed palette before it broke, which wasn’t doing all that much for me anyway. So whilst on the hunt for an affordable bronzer that suited my oddly pale-yellow complexion, I stumbled upon this bad boy. I was so hesitant at first, but fell in love straight away. It’s quite pigmented, so you don’t need much to get those chiselled cheekbones. Definitely one I’d recommend!

Blusher: Revolution Isn’t It Peachy Palette £6

The pigment in this palette is amazing for the price and I think the shade range is perfect if you prefer orange-toned makeup. I hardly dip into the pans and I’ve got enough product for both cheeks. You really can’t argue with the price either!

Highlighter: theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer £12-£20

A couple of years ago, this was my first makeup splurge as it was a pricier product back then. It’s probably really bad I’m still using the same one but it still works great and for the price I paid, I’m staying till the end. It’s just such a pretty highlighter. I pair it with setting spray for that blinding look, or just dust it on for a more natural glow. As much as I would buy this product again, there are so many amazing highlighters out there now, most being more affordable so I’ll invest elsewhere.

Setting spray: Primark Glow £5

My favourite used to be the Models Own setting spray, which I got bored of so tried the Revolution Pro Fix Fixing Spray (which was great, but smelt heavily of battenbergs). Setting spray is kind of a meh product for me. They kind of all do the same job, obviously they can be glowy or mattifying, but overall the end goal is the same. I wasn’t fussed about an expensive one, so I thought I’d give this a go. The glitter put me off first time round, but now I’ve found a technique that works – I’d definitely say give this one a go.


Collection Eyebrow Kit £3.99

I have quite big brows and have never had them done (other than my sister’s plucking a few years ago) so I tend to stick to the fuller, fluffier look. It takes me a couple of minutes and I’ve stuck to it for so long now. I really should stop using makeup I’ve had for years – but here I am. I do want to buy another eyebrow powder as I only use one shade out of my palette – the shade range makes no sense to me, but it works for now.

Models Own Now Brow! Brow Powder £4.99

My sister gave me this as it was way too red toned for her, but it matches my ginger locks quite well. I combine the darker brown of the collection kit with this gingery shade to get the right match and I find it works nicely. This powder is quite strong, so you won’t need much.

Collection Colour Lash Mascara in Clear £1.99

Finding a clear brow/mascara that isn’t too gloopy can be quite the task. This is where this baby comes in. I expected this to be super thick and make my brows slimy, but it didn’t! I find this product works better when it’s dried down a bit. It might work better for bigger brows because the wand is quite big so could be messy if you’ve got thinner brows, I’m just able to spread the product more.


Morphe 35oM Palette – £23

My favourite colours are warm toned oranges and browns, I feel like this most suits my face, so this palette is the one. It’s got such a good shade range that are great for everyday looks and for dolling up on a night out. If there’s one palette I’d recommend everyone to have, it’s this one. Back as a beginner to the world of eyeshadow, this palette was perfect practice.


Rimmel Scandal’Eyes in Nude £4.49

Nude eyeliners make my eyes look so much bigger and the creamy texture of this eyeliner makes for such easy application. I’m currently sharpening it into a stub, so I’m in need of a repurchase.

Nyx Epic Ink Liner £9

This has overtaken the Collection Extreme 24hr Felt Tip liner in the eyeliner race for me. It doesn’t dry as easily and the tip is so much nicer (hehe). It almost moves as you do which makes for crisp lines in seconds.


L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara £7.99

I’ve lost count of how many of these I’ve brought now, but I just really love it amongst the others I’ve tried. I’ll admit I think the formula has changed slightly over time as it’s much wetter to begin with than I remember. Once it’s tried down a bit, it’s good for both volume and length. I have quite long eyelashes so this really makes them stand out.


I don’t really wear lipstick other than when I’m doing heavier makeup or going out out, so I just stick to a lip balm (carmex or nivea) and we’re good to go!

So there we have my current makeup bag! There’s a varied price range, but the majority is drugstore. Personally, I don’t believe there’s that much need for investing in high end products anymore because the drugstore game has gone wild. When I need a new product, I’ll go straight to Superdrug or Boots, and will only splurge every now and then as a treat. Makeup products don’t have to break the bank to work well – so I’d rather take lesser known products off the shelf and see what they have to offer.

Like I mentioned before, I’d really like to know what staple products you swear by – no matter the brand or price! Thank you so much for reading you absolute beauty.

Until next time,

Emily x








15 thoughts on “My Everyday Makeup Bag

  1. says:

    I don’t know very about the products you listed but I like that it’s not all stupidly expensive stuff that everyone feels the need to buy these days. Love a good old boots or superdrug trip! I like the photo of it all set up too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. writingthebluesaway says:

    Ooh I like the sound of the Revolution powder, my face gets so shiny throughout the day. I’ll have to try out the Collection products too like the concealer and primer! They’re a good price, I don’t like spending lots on make up considering it’s just going to get wiped away at the end of the day!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. aimsysantics says:

    I love seeing what other products people use! I have to say I love the highlighter, and it does last ages doesn’t it. I also used it for a base eyeshadow, looks amazing on the eyes. It is a tad expensive though!
    My fav concealer is from the Maybelline Fit me range – I like to mix and match the colours to make the perfect shade.

    Thanks for sharing, I may have to try out a few of the other products you use!

    Aimsy xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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