20 Date Ideas

Dates don’t have to be strictly for the lovebirds. They can be with friends or even family! However, more often than not, dates are typically associated with the romantic quarters of our lives; no matter what situation we’re in. It’s time to making a boring midweek evening fun and insert some zest into the weekends!

Dates are the perfect opportunity for conversation, laughter and fun. They don’t have to be wild and expensive to be treasured. Personally, no matter what my partner and I do, I love to keep everything! Train tickets, receipts, shells from the beach – you name it, it’s probably in my memory tin. Looking back at our relationship so far, we’ve had some really fun times – the activity doesn’t always matter, it’s the quality of the company. So I thought I’d compile 20 date ideas that vary across different budgets and seasons for you to have a choose from – some I’ve tried, some I’d like to try!

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I thought I’d kick start the list with the most obvious one. Having a chat and a chill over a nice meal is hard to beat sometimes. I was always against dinner on the first date just in case it was awkward, but me and Lewis are still living proof that it works!

Pub with friends

Dates don’t always have to be just two people. It’s especially great if you have mutual friends to socialise with. Sitting in a group with a pint or glass of cola can spark some great conversation and breaks the ice a bit if it’s early stages!


No matter the time of year, the cinema is a quick and easy date choice that I feel slots in well no matter the length of the relationship.Of course you can’t really talk during, but it’s a great talking point for after!

A walk

So simple, but can make for the best memories! Ideal for summer evenings or if a well needed catch up is needed. Just getting some fresh air will always do you good.

A trip to the beach

Easier said than done, especially if you can’t drive, but it’s a lot of fun when you’re there. Chips by the sea, amusements, tacky joke shops – the lot. Our first trip together was with my Mum to visit a family member, so it gave us chance to bond more. Lewis’s family live by the sea, so a trip to the beach is always on the cards.

Takeaway & Chill

On the evenings you can’t be bothered to cook and don’t really fancy going out, nothing beats ordering some food and slumping in front of the telly. Always cosy in the winter!

Bike rides

Another good one for spring and summer just to get you out and about. If you’ve got a basket or backpack, it’s the perfect opportunity for a picnic. Plus you can get to places much quicker and further than on foot.

Coffee shop

What romantic comedy do you not see this in. Whether it’s between friends or a love interest, your local caffeine fixer is an easy choice no matter the weather.


May be a recipe for an argument over who ices the cakes or cooks the steak, but it’s a fun way to bond and you get some food out of it! Win win really.

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A day trip

Days out don’t have to be extravagant nor expensive, even buying a bus ticket to a local city gives you the chance to explore away from your day to day life

A weekend away

If you fancy extending your day trip, booking a night or two away is like a breath of fresh air. Especially if you still live at home or just want some alone time.

Pamper evening

Nothing quite made me laugh like putting a sheet mask on Lewis for the first time. Doing a face mask,a nose strip and your nails together is a good way to relax in an evening, whether you’re just staying with each other for the first time or fancy a chill after a long day at work.


Such as bowling, ice skating, mini golf. You can do this just the two of you, or invite your friends/family to so you can all get to know each other. It’s a fun and lighthearted way of having some healthy competition and a laugh!

Taking a class together

This could be cooking, dancing, baking, something arty – anything! If you’re on a day trip or weekend away, it could be worth finding a class in the local area. So if you make a fool of yourselves – you’ll never see them again!

Doing a project together

Building furniture, finishing a puzzle, renovating that old chair in your dad’s shed or creating a scrapbook. Any chance to get creative and share your ideas will help you learn to work together. Some dates can really help you learn about each other and grow as a pair.

Go for a drive

Early in the morning, late at night to grab a McDonalds or just to park somewhere pretty on a summer’s evening. It’s known that some of the longest and deepest conversations happen on a good drive, so let’s hope I pass my test soon!

Book an experience

Sites like Wowcher and Groupon are bottomless pits for things to do and discounts too! From segway rides to a deal at a spa, there are 100s of things to do. They make for great gifts as well!

Be touristy

Whether in your hometown or exploring somewhere new; there’s bound to be a museum, cathedral or other historical landmarks for you to take a look around. Art galleries are pretty much always free and if you’re a child like us, will spend a good hour laughing at the naked figures.

See a comedian/singer/band

This could be a local talent or worldwide star – either way it gets you out and about to have a good time. It’s also really nice if it’s a comedian/music artist that you both share a love for, 10 x the fun

Games night

Perfect opportunity to keep it the two of you, or gather round your friends and family! Cards against humanity is a firm favourite of ours, you really do learn a lot about people!


So there we have it – 20 date ideas for you and the person you want to spend your time with! I wanted to include a variety of budgets and a mix of indoor and outdoor activites that are fit for all the weather! I’d love to hear down below what your dream date would be and to spice it up – what your least favourite date would be!

Until next time,

Emily x

12 thoughts on “20 Date Ideas

  1. millie says:

    I cannot count the number of times jack and I have been to the cinema over just under two years = a LOT! These are some really good ideas because when you live in the middle of nowhere finding stuff to do can be hard sometimes!


  2. Chloe Osborn says:

    This is a nice mix of ideas! I love baking with my boyfriend; when we were long distance at university we would always bake something when we visited each other and it was so much fun even when things went wrong. He once visited on bonfire night and we spent the day doing a route around Bath, watched the fireworks then had a Chinese, which is my idea of a perfect date! I think my least favourite would be a night out clubbing as I’m not really a fan and you wouldn’t be able to hear each other!


    • emilygabriellax says:

      Awh that sounds so lovely! I love days like that! And same nowadays, we used to go clubbing with our friends quite a bit but not anymore – thank you for reading and commenting!


  3. Julia says:

    I think the cinema is always a classic and a winner, although I’d probably pair it with dinner or something else afterwards or before because like you said, the only drawback is that you can’t really talk!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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