3 Tips To Pass Your Car Theory Test First Time

Passing your theory test is a must if you want to take the next step and take your practical test. The pass mark is 43/50 (86%) for the theory test multiple choice questions and 44/75 (58%) for the hazard perception clips. The theory test is divided between these two sections. The crux of the test is you have 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions (all based off of The Highway Code) and then you have to work through 14 hazard perception clips. 13 of these clips will have a ‘developing hazard’ but 1 clip will have 2 of these developing hazards. If you want to read a further breakdown of the theory test questions and hazard perception test, the government website explains it all (including a video too).

If you haven’t booked in for your theory test, stop what you’re doing and book here now! It costs £23 and having a goal date in mind to work towards will be super helpful. I sat my theory test on the 24th May 2019 and managed to score 49/50 on the multiple choice section, and 48/75 on the hazard perception section. I thought it would be helpful to compile together the techniques that helped me pass, hopefully they can help you too.


Nowadays, there is no shortage of theory test prep apps. Downloading a few apps to help you with your revision is a really good method to practising on the go. You can then sit on the bus, in the garden or in bed testing what you know until you feel confident enough for the real thing. There are 4 apps that I used:


The Offical DVSA Theory Test Kit £4.99
  • All 2019 questions
  • The Official Highway Code (worth £2.50)
  • 20 CGI hazard perception videos
  • Timed mock tests
  • Progress monitor

I would 100% recommend this app first, especially for studying the material. It breaks the highway code into 14 topics for you to revise. You can then take a test for each topic and a further case study for each too (a case study will be in the test!). These 14 topics are; Alertness, Attitude, Safety and your vehicle, Safety margins, Hazard awareness, Vulnerable road users, Other types of vehicle, Vehicle handling, Motorway driving, Rules of the road, Road and traffic signs, Documents, Incidents, Vehicle loading. The mock tests are always going to be handy for learning the questions inside out.

Driving Theory Test Free 2020
  • Over 360 revision questions
  • Mock tests
  • Progress monitor
  • Covers car, motorcycles, training ADIs (in both Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

This app is primarly for mock tests, which in hind sight is the main thing you need to do to make yourself a theory test pro.

Hazard Perception Test Free 2020
  • Only 8 CGI clips
  • Progress tracker

This app is okay if you want to get a feel for the hazard perception section without paying for further material. But I would invest in the following app to ensure you can get to grips with it as much as possible:

Hazard Perception UK Driving Theory Test £2.99
  • 85 clips
  • Progress monitor

When I first started practising for the hazard perception section, I had no clue what to do. This app definitely cleared up what I was meant to do. Click when you see a hazard. This sounds pretty obvious, but you have a 5 point marker in which to click it. If you click when it’s on the 5 mark, that’s full points, the slower you are to click, the lower points you score. In my actual theory test, I was surprised to see every clip was CGI and completely unseen, but I thought I had done much better than I did. However, a pass is a pass!

However, you can buy this Driving Theory Test 4 in 1 Kit + Hazard Perception for £4.99 if you want to keep it all together!



In addition to the apps, there were a couple of websites I used as free resources to boost my revision:

Top Tests – This site has different mock tests you can take, even including ‘harder’ tests. I would often flit between this site and the apps to gain practice with different questions (worded differently too!)

Gov.UK – This website will link you to a page from the people that make and create the tests, the DVSA. So, you can expect the questions you practice with here, to more than likely pop up in your test.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

So how do you actually revise for the theory test?

Get to know the highway code

After all, the questions are based around this. I’d recommend reading it at least once, just sit with a cuppa and go from start to finish.

Practice, practice, practice

I took 56 mock tests in the end, so that I wouldn’t come across any nasty shockers. This will sound a bit overboard to some, but I wanted to pass so badly that I dedicated a lot of time into getting it right. It’s also useful if you’re having driving lessons, because you can apply what you’re learning to real life situations.

Don’t leave it to the last minute

Treat your theory test like any other exam you’ve sat in your life. Whether you sat your GCSEs 3 years ago or 30 years ago, nobody likes that exam feeling. But failure to prepare is preparing to fail. I think I revised more for this than my GCSEs and A Levels combined because it’s something I really wanted. Book your test in and dedicate some genuine time to mastering the basics.

So there’s my guide to passing your theory test, hopefully first time! Remember your provisional licence on the day otherwise you won’t be able to sit your test and your money won’t be refunded. I really do hope this helps you if you’re on the road to taking your theory test. Just practice, use common sense and do your best! If you do have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Thank you for reading!



2 thoughts on “3 Tips To Pass Your Car Theory Test First Time

  1. Millie says:

    YESSSS EMILY!!!! IM SO PROUD!! I wish I had this post when I was studying for my theory test tbh because I think I would have done so much better!!


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