Life Update and September & October Review

Bare with me whilst I brush the cobwebs off of my blog. I feel like I’ve been so in and out with my blog recently. I haven’t lost the love for it, I’m just finding it hard to have the energy and time to really immerse myself into it on top of working full time.

I love escaping through my words and so I’m back with a bit of a life update as to where I’m at and to look back over the last couple of months. I’ve been writing monthly reviews all year and it’s scary to think there’ll only be a couple more left until 2020 is knocking at the door. These reviews have been like a public journal, keeping track of the year that’s made me grow the most.

September was a month for enjoying the last few drops of summer and for celebrating our beautiful boys’ 12 birthday!


summer food.jpg

I finally got some gorgeous peonies added to my tattoo by the talented Ben Billers (@benbillerstattoo on Instagram) and I couldn’t be happier. I’m just a bit gutted that it’s now long sleeve weather so I can’t show it off! I’ve got some tattoo ideas brewing, but just have more important things to fork out for first.


There’s been a few things going on behind the scenes that I’m going to be talking about very shortly as there’s some exciting and big things happening over the next couple months so I’ll be sure to document the journey. I’m not one to talk about my own mental health, but I’ve realised the important of looking after myself more. When I feel overwhelmed I feel like it’s hard to refresh my headset sometimes and I just keep ploughing through every day like I’m invincible.

Knowing when to slow down is so important, but I’m getting there.

A few weeks ago I read the very poignant story of The Tattooist of Auschwitz, which led to booking a trip for my Dad, boyfriend and I to visit Poland next year. I have always had an interest in World War history and visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau is going to be a sobering experience, but a place to pay our respects.

When visiting home at the weekends, I’ve made a conscious effort to really savour all the things I truly took for granted before. On a weekend whilst I wasn’t at home I had a bowling trip with the girls from work which super fun! I’ve also been to the cinema to see Hustlers and the new Joker film. I must admit I wasn’t overly bothered about seeing Joker, but I was definitely impressed! Incredible film.

My walks to work became very autumnal and beautiful, but are now dark and terrifying! But what can you expect from a gal that can’t seem to pass her driving test haha.

field 1.jpg

field 2.jpg

I haven’t forgotten about The Sunday Series, either. I want to make each post the best it can possibly be, so don’t want to rush it just to have something posted. The next few months are going to be busy, busy, busy but I’m excited for the adventure. I’m making a conscious effort to be more positive in my thinking and really grab life by the balls each day. I’m already looking forward to November’s review! IΒ  hope you’re all doing well and looking after yourselves.

Until next time,

Emily x

7 thoughts on “Life Update and September & October Review

  1. Deandra says:

    Such cute doggies! and I love your tattoo! I feel you on not having much energy. I don’t know how I pull the energy to work on blog, but I manage to do a little something each time. Welcome back!


  2. Shannen says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a great few months! Your tattoo looks so stunning! Wow that will be incredible visiting Poland – I really want to go someday. I had the chance to go to Sachsenhausen concentration camp when I was studying in Germany, but didn’t end up going. I’d like to visit one someday, to pay my respects. I’m always immersed in that history through my studies, but it will be a totally different experience stepping into the place in which it happened. On a side note, I am glad to see you back and hope you’re feeling refreshed after some time away from your blog! I know what you mean about not having much energy…it’s so good to take breaks from social media/blogging every now and then.


  3. Millie says:

    I’m sooooo excited for you and the next couple months!! (ahHhh) I like what you mentioned about slowing down and looking after yourself as that is something that I am struggling and trying to handle right now. Looking forward to your next post!! πŸ™‚


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