November 2019 Review

HAPPY DECEMBER! It’s officially the start of the Christmas season (even though I was 100% thawing off the Michael Buble album in September) and that means another month has been and gone. November was a HEFTY one and I don’t think I’ve ever been so emotional! It’s been such a mix of a month and if I’m to be completely honest, I didn’t end the month feeling particularly happy, nor much like myself.

With change comes a wave of emotions, sometimes good, sometimes bad. I definitely had a mix of the two over the course of the month and I’m here to share what I got up to in November. Since January this year, I’ve written a post to summarise each month so that I can look back through them all at the start of 2020 and see how much has happened. I’m really glad I’ve been keeping track and I’m really keen to do the same next year.

So what happened in November?

I handed my notice in at work

Now my notice period at my current job is a hefty 6 weeks due to the line of work that I’m in, so although I handed it in at the start of the month, I still have 2 weeks left to go. Due to housing arrangements and just generally not being happy in the place we were in, it means….

My boyfriend and I are moving back in with my family

Which means we’re moving back up the A1 to be in a much happier place. Lewis will have his friends back, I’ll have my family and dogs and things will be moving in the direction we want them to. We’ll be able to really crack down with our savings and be in a place we want to be in. Moving out for the year has taught me so many life lessons and although I’ve spent a lot of the year not feeling myself in a different town, I wouldn’t change anything. I’m not really looking forward to getting my 7th (yes 7th, yikes) job, but hey ho a girl needs her bread.

We had our 2 year anniversary!

The 18th November marked 2 years since Lewis and I got together and so we went back home to have a few days break and to see Jack Whitehall. Waiting half the day for a wardrobe to come and be fitted wasn’t the most exciting, but we also had a meal with friends, I brought my first car, and we saw Last Christmas in the cinema.

Trip to London

My sister, Lewis and I had a day trip to London which was really nice, my favourite part was probably visiting Kyoto Gardens, it was so stunning!

Speaking of my first car…I have also just failed my 3rd driving test

I’m going to try and keep my emotions (somewhat) at bay here, but all I really want to do is scream and cry and tell the world it’s not fair. Learning to drive and having that level of independence has genuinely been a huge goal of mine since I was little. I didn’t learn when I was 17 like most others because I chose to travel to South Korea instead, and after that, it took a while for me to be able to afford it because it’s damn expensive.

Fast forward a year, I’ve learnt one of life’s biggest skills – to drive! And I’m going to blow my own trumpet and say I do it pretty well. My driving instructor has had a lot of faith in me and said he could have put money on me passing first time, which was back in September. However, I made a silly mistake and failed. I took another in October, and failed. November’s test brought me the same examiner and test route but it just didn’t happen. Lewis took his test 2 days after and passed first time and I am SO over the moon for him. But I am gutted for myself. All that hard work has led to me failing and feeling so awful. I’ve questioned whether I want to continue even though I now have a car. I’m not one to wish things went differently, but this, I really really wish it went differently. Obviously it is my fault 100%, but I feel like a lot of doors have closed on me and I’m going to have to re-start back at home.

Knowing that if I’d just checked my left blindspot during this one roundabout, I would have passed. I got knocked down but kept going, but it has taken its toll.

The move

I’m moving back home on 14th December so I’m really looking forward to having some time off over Christmas. Once I’m out of my funk of feeling like everyone is thriving and doing the things I’d love to do, I’m going to set a clear plan out for 2020 as best I can. Everything happens for a reason, and I will come out on the other side better than ever.

I actually feel a bit better to have typed my thoughts out, it makes a nice change to not be crying whilst saying it! It probably sounds so dramatic, but if you’ve ever failed a driving test, you will know how heartbreaking it is when you can drive perfectly well but are prone to feeling anxious and nervous when being tested.

So what does December look like?

December is going to be really exciting, and I’m speaking that into existence! I’m going to enjoy my last couple of weeks at work, move home and work my lil butt off to perfect my driving so no examiner can tell me no again! I have my mum and Lewis’s birthdays coming up with Christmas sandwiched nicely in the middle. It’s going to be festivities and good change from here on out. 2020, I smell you.

What did you get up to in November?

Until next time,

Emily x