5 Things That Have Been Harder Than I Anticipated

Life has a classic way of throwing its curveballs into the mix, which we can choose to run with or kick in the opposite direction. We all cope at our own paces with our own ways and methods. I thought it would be interesting to sit and reflect on 5 things that have been harder than I thought they would be.

It’s a beautiful thing to celebrate our successes and achievements, but I am guilty of seeing the glass half empty rather than half full sometimes. Most things don’t happen the way you had planned them to and it can leave us feeling quite disappointed. I’m writing this post to share what I’ve personally found quite difficult, some may seem quite trivial and be a breeze for some – but if you can relate to any of these like me, then I hope you feel less alone!

Making and maintaining friendships post-education

Whilst at school, I had (what I thought) was a solid group of friends, with some being friends for life. However, after the novelty of clubbing soon wore off, I soon realised that nights out was the reason we still socialised. I’d say within the space of a year and a half I lost contact with the majority of my friends and found myself feeling really lonely.

It’s SO difficult to make adult friendships! I’ve had my fair share of jobs and in my most recent position, I made some close friends, but have since moved town and left that job so it’s hard to stay as in touch. I didn’t go to university either so I’ve been outside of the typical social circle most people my age are now in. I wish online friends didn’t live so far away as I’m sure I’d be a social butterfly if we all lived close together. I’ve not found a club or group that interests me yet, so meeting likeminded people outside of work is super difficult for me.


Photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash


I have such bittersweet feelings about driving. Having my own car and driving about has been a dream since I was little, so when I felt ready financially and mentally – I started my lessons at the end of 2018. It’s the start of 2020 and I’ve failed 3 driving tests, but have also brought my first car so it’s swings and roundabouts. I had hoped I could have been one of those people that passed the first time, but my god it’s harder than I thought! I hate the nerves I get during tests that make me act in a way I don’t normally, so coming to terms with the fact it’s harder than I thought is quite difficult. It’ll be worth it in the end!

Keeping up with blogging

Considering this is my first post of 2020, I think this says it all! Blogging and creative ruts seem pretty common, so I don’t feel too left out with this one. I definitely agree with the point that there’s no point in forcing yourself to write something just for the sake of it, because if you’ve not enjoyed writing it, who will enjoy reading it?

I’m still not sure if a blogging schedule will be the way to go for me, nor setting a specific niche for myself. I like just being a chatty chilled blogger happy to talk about anything.

Appreciating the good when life isn’t always working in your favour

I do find it really difficult to be a positive Polly sometimes. Obviously this is changeable, but one of my terrible traits is seeing all the negatives rather than the positives. I do want to consciously work on this because I feel like my mindset is so unhealthy at times when it could be so much better.

There’s always something to be grateful for, to smile about and to look forward to – so when life gets tough, I want to be tougher.

Finding a hobby and sticking to it

I love trying my hand at lots of different things and I think it’s great to have so many hobbies, but I never quite stick to one, if that makes sense? I read, scrapbook, go for walks, write, watch YouTube, clean (I love cleaning so I’m calling it a perfectly acceptable hobby), play around with my makeup and nails and the list does go on. I just have a tendency to get bored quite quickly, so I feel like finding the hobby for me would be fab.

So there we have 5 things that have been more difficult than I anticipated! Adulthood is a scary but awesome ride and with that comes its ups and downs and I’m here to share both sides. I’d be really interested to hear if you too have found a certain something more difficult than you thought.

I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways it does not work. – Thomas Edison

Until next time,

Emily x







22 thoughts on “5 Things That Have Been Harder Than I Anticipated

  1. Millie says:

    YAY A NEW POST! I really liked the quote you ended with and it’s a good one to apply to day to day life. I can also relate (quite heavily lol) to the one about friendships and something I have struggled with a lot. Apart from a few things, sticking to hobbies is quite hard too! I find myself liking so many things that I can keep up. Also, I have a feeling that you are going to pass this next driving test!!


    • emilygabriellax says:

      I really liked the quote too! It’s nice to know I’m not alone, thank you for sharing! And we can hope and pray it’s a pass 😩


  2. BeccaLois Blogs says:

    I’m with you on the driving! I did pass my test (eventually 😂) but then moved to London and sold my car so I still don’t have the experience I’d like! It is so rewarding when you can drive yourself around though, don’t give up! Becca x


  3. Charlotte says:

    I can agree with you with all of these things definitely the maintaining friendships past education is so hard because you see to loose those friendships when you leave school or you don’t have as much in common anymore. Driving is definitely way harder than it seems I’m currently having lessons. Great post 💗


    • emilygabriellax says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more Charlotte, it feels like you were friends just because you saw them daily! Driving can be a hard nut to crack but I promise it can only get easier with time and practice x


  4. Charlotte says:

    I can definitely relate to some of these! Making friends and maintaining them is hard work! My friends are dotted around all over the UK and in France and I keep moving house too. It feels like I have to keep starting over. The main way I get to know people is through walking Clover, is that something you could try?

    Also, don’t feel too discouraged about driving. Have you tried a different test centre? It will happen, I believe it. And I can also be a negative Nelly too sometimes so don’t feel alone on that one.

    Glad to see you’re back and looking forward to reading more! Xx


    • emilygabriellax says:

      Thank you so much for your comment Charlotte! I do have 3 jack russells that are 12 so they can’t do as much as before unfortunately 😦 I’ve moved back home so the test route will actually be familiar to me unlike the others so fingers crossed!


    • emilygabriellax says:

      It seems to be the point people relate to the most so I’m definitely not alone, it is just so hard sometimes! Thank you for reading and commenting


  5. Shana Seigler says:

    Great post. I understand having difficulty with adult friendships. It took a long while for me to find the group I’m close to now. I personally write in bulk and set them to publish throughout the week for my blog. I have difficulty writing on days I’m working.


    • emilygabriellax says:

      I’m still looking for some friends and I’m hoping to have a nice group one day. That’s a good idea! It is really hard blogging whilst working. Thank you for commenting!


  6. Kelly Diane says:

    I loved this post, it’s so relatable. I too thought it would be easy to maintain friendship groups but it’s so difficult when life gets in the way.


  7. Charity says:

    This is such a great post. I totally agree with the friends part. After school ends and you start working full time, it is so hard to maintain friendships. My husband and I don’t really have many close friendships with other couples because we both work so much and don’t have children either. And most people in our age group do, so it’s hard to find people to connect with. And on top working full time, it is hard for me to blog consistently too. But, I try to do as much as I can on my days off to keep up. Thanks for sharing all this; it was a great read!


    • emilygabriellax says:

      Thank you so much for commenting! I feel like losing friendships is something we’re not necessarily prepared for so can be a bit of a shock when you start working etc. At least blogging is a hobby that will always be there 😊


  8. Kate Duff says:

    I think it’s really common to move through lots of hobbies and interests – I’m like that too. I return to my core favourites but branch out into all different things. It is a common trait of the growth mindset and a love of learning and life. Don’t knock it – embrace it.


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