Femme Luxe Loungewear Review (Size 12) Gifted

I was gifted the products discussed in this post, but all views and opinions are 100% my own!

In the quest to relax as much as possible during these tough times, I’m sure loungewear sales are rocketing as we want to be comfortable, but fancy getting out of our pyjamas in the morning. I’d been searching around for cute loungewear sets I could actually see myself wearing, so was glad to be approached by Femme Luxe to try some items from their loungewear collection. They kindly allowed me to choose 3 items from their range to try, so I’m here today to present you with an open and honest review!

Just as a little background; I’m around 5’10 and generally wear a size 10/12 both top and bottom depending on what the clothing item is (but I do have a bigger bust, wide hips, small bum). I’ve never ordered actual loungewear before, I’ve just picked up the odd pair of joggers here and there. I have been getting a bit sick of feeling so slouchy whilst working from home, so was interested to see what loungewear had to offer.

I was sceptical…

about Femme Luxe’s sizes to begin with, purely because they have the same model for pretty much all outfits, and I do not look like her. This is nothing against the clothing as per say, but it did make it difficult to see what the items would look like on someone with a different body shape and size. I searched around on Twitter to see what sizing was like and it seemed that a few people found that the clothes came up quite small. With this in mind, I went for mostly size 12s. However, I noticed a few outfits had a size 8/10, then it would jump to 12/14. I’m not sure if this is due to stock availability, but I would have confidently chosen a 10/12, but it just wasn’t an option.

I went for the following

Brown Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set – Asia in size 12/14

Grey Ribbed Flare Sleeve Loungewear – Neveah in size 12

Black Cropped Cargo Loungewear Seat – Zuri in 10/12

I wanted to go for items that were a bit out of my comfort zone, but could also be paired with other items in my wardrobe too. I made sure to get different styles and colours so I could give a better review on what they had to offer.

So how was each set?

I must admit I was really impressed with what I received. This is with sizing, colour and quality.

The brown ribbed belted set is a comfy, breathable material and I’d not had anything in my wardrobe like it. I can see it being the perfect fit for those summer evenings when it’s too chilly for shorts but you still want to sit in the garden. I like that the belts with these outfits are removable, as the top of this set looks really nice hanging loose as well as tied up. Although the bottoms are tight-fitting, they’re still stretchy. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that I’ve seen people say they went a size up and still struggled to fit into them. You could see my black underwear slightly through the leggings which I’m glad I noticed, however the top comes down long enough to cover it nonetheless.

One of my favourite aspects is the colour, it’s listed as brown but in sunlight, it’s a brassy bronze which I don’t feel like we see enough of!



The Grey Ribbed Flare set is so soft, I can definitely see why it makes for great loungewear. This item is slightly more out of my comfort zone as it shows some midriff, but I’ll be wearing these sets around the house so I’m more than happy! This set compliments my figure quite well and my favourite aspect is the flared trousers and split sleeves. What drew me to this set was the thought that I could blog, paint etc and the sleeves would stay nicely out of the way. This would be a really nice outfit paired with a jacket and trainers if you wanted to wear it out too. I was pleasantly surprised by the confidence boost I had in this outfit too! It’s good to feel good.


The black cropped cargo set struck me as being the main set I’d like to wear outside of the house. However, if you have dogs like me – it’s a magnet for pet hair! As long as you’re stocked on lint rollers, this set really is very comfortable and super versatile. You could pair it with trainers, sliders, heels – anything! One great selling point is…pockets! I can see myself throwing this on for a trip to the shops or when travelling. Both top and bottom are made with nice quality material that you know will wash well and last for a long time.


I’m not a fashion blogger, so I may not have given the products the justice that others could, but I do hope I’ve helped give an honest idea of what this brand is like for loungewear – from someone that’s not tried it before! This is just a snippet of what they have to offer, both in this range and elsewhere. Although the rest of the range is not my go-to style, I’m pleased to have topped my wardrobe up with some staple comfies.

I’d love to hear what you think of Femme Luxe if you’ve tried them before, and what you think of this post which is a slightly different one for me. Have you been wearing much loungewear during lockdown?

It was fun stepping out of my comfort zone and writing about something new. I’d like to offer a big thank you to Femme Luxe for the opportunity, now I’m off to lounge around with my cuppa.

Until next time,

Emily x

10 thoughts on “Femme Luxe Loungewear Review (Size 12) Gifted

  1. Millie says:

    Oooo! I’ve not heard of Femme Luxe before but I ADORE loungewear and these pieces look GOOD! I think my favourite is the grey set. P.s. YOU LOOK SO GOOD


  2. Laura says:

    These pieces are gorgeous and really suit you! I love femmeluxe ever since I ordered from them, I have the ribbed belted set in black and it’s lovely!
    Thank you for sharing!


  3. Chloe Osborn says:

    Ooh I love the grey set and the black set, I only really have joggers and leggings for comfy clothes so I definitely need some lounge wear. You look fab in them all and your photos look so professional! I think you nailed your first fashion post as you were honest too! Xx


    • emilygabriellax says:

      Sometimes joggers and leggings can’t be beaten! That’s really nice of you to say so thank you! I was worried how the pictures had turned out! Have a lovely evening x


  4. Ashleigh says:

    Great review lovely! You’re so beyond lucky with your figure! I didn’t quite look this good in my joggers! I see what you mean about coming up a little small haha! I ordered some of their new slogan tee’s and absolutely LOVE them! but joggers, however, not so much!

    Thanks for sharing beaut!

    Ashleigh – https://www.ashleighsmoments.com


    • emilygabriellax says:

      That’s really kind of you Ashleigh! All bodies are beautiful! It’s interesting to hear what you thought of them so thank you for reading 😊x


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