Trying $1 makeup from Miss A – Review

I’d seen a tweet with some screenshots from Miss A’s website and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first. Now I love makeup and I LOVE cheap stuff, so I was hook, lined and sinker from the start. 

They sell makeup, brushes, lashes, self care items, jewellery and accessories. I had a bit of a field day adding bits and bobs to my basket as I just couldn’t believe the price. Low prices don’t always guarantee quality however, but stay tuned for my opinion on the products I tried….

My order from USA to UK took just over a month, but I think it’s important to note that there were no missing products and no damage to what I received. It was packaged really well in bubble wrap and a few other layers of packaging. I had been worried about items arriving damaged so this was a bonus.


My order:


AOA Paw Paw Liquid Concealer in Fair Ivory $1.55 (approx. £1.28)

AOA Sculpting Brow Pencil in Medium Brown $1 (83p)

AOA Perfect Powder Blush in Dandy $1 (83p)

AOA Paw Paw Prowear Foundation in Porcelain $1.55 (approx. £1.28)

AOA Cubie Blender Holder in Rose Gold $1.88 (approx £1.55)

AOA Perfect Setting Powder in Matte Translucent $1 (83p)

AOA Drop Liquid Foundation in Porcelain $1.88 (approx £1.55)

AOA Paw Paw Perfect Filter Face Primer $1.55 (approx £1.28)

A20 Single Eyeshadow in Vintage $1 (83p)

Skin, Hair, Nail Care

Tomato Sheet Mask $1 (83p)

Volcanic Ash Sheet Mask $1 (83p)

Egg Sheet Mask $1 (83p)

L.A Colors Rapid Dry Top Coat $1 (83p)

Diffeel Premium Hair Mask Olive Oil $1 (83p)

Nature’s Spirit Hair Oil & Mask Coconut Oil $1 (83p)

Coconut Lip Mask (balm) $1 (83p)


Urban Studio Pro Contour Brush $1 (83p)

S.he Makeup Cream Brush $1 (83p)

Brow Spoolie $1 (83p)

The F1 & E101 Kabuki Brush Duo $2 (approx £1.65)

Grand total of $24.41 + $9.95 shipping = $34.36 (approx. £28 give or take a few pence)

So is it actually any good?

The products I tried first were the volcanic sheet mask (ideally use for deep moisturising), the coconut oil hair mask to liven my locks up and the beauty blender holder which is actually super cute and a great idea! For the price I really couldn’t grumble.

I’ve also been using the coconut lip mask/balm since my order arrived and I quite like it. It’s quite a milky consistency, but if you dab it with your finger it sits nicely on your lips and stays on for quite some time.

The rapid dry top coat may seem like a random purchase, but I don’t wear coloured nail polish much, but I do like keeping them tidy and shiny. I’ve gone through my fair share of clear polishes but this one didn’t peel or chip and wasn’t gloopy to apply.

Now I think the products most people are here for is the makeup. How on earth can makeup be 83p and decent quality? I was asking myself the same question because despite being an avid supporter of drugstore brands, you don’t find prices like that in Boots and Superdrug. What I concluded from their website is that they don’t spend much money on marketing and advertising which allows them to keep their prices low as well as manufacturer’s producing solely for Miss A directly. However, the ingredients in their products are still safe and 100% approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

They have charity edition collections and are certified cruelty free by PETA. For example, their Paw Paw collection supports animal against abuse. So not only do they keep prices low, but their morals as a brand are in the right place which I know is important for a lot of people.

So how did the products perform?

Now you would have noticed from my list that I got the majority of a full face, but not everything i.e. highlighter, eyeliner, or any lip products. I wanted to see how the items I ordered fared first and I don’t wear much on my lips anyway other than balm!


I’ve given all the brushes a go and I was definitely impressed. I’ve never used a brush for my foundation before, but the kabuki brush performed quite well with the first foundation I tried – the liquid drop one, just not so much with the prowear foundation. This could well have been my technique, and I did finish the looks off with a beauty blender. This was the only brush where I experienced some shed, but for the price paid it was nothing to grumble over. I needed a spoolie so I could bin my old one as it was years old and past the point of repair. The contour brush did a great job too and helped me be more precise. My favourite is the eyeshadow brush that came in the kabuki duo, it does the job of blending for you and makes for quick and easy eyeshadow application which I LOVE.

Makeup (tried and tested over the weekend for durability)
AOA liquid drop foundation

I was amazed from the get-go and it ticks a lot of boxes for what I look for in a foundation. I don’t buy high coverage foundation anyway as I still like to see some of my freckles, so if you like something with more coverage then maybe this product will be too lightweight for you. It blended beautifully and evenly and the colour match was pretty much perfect. It didn’t oxidise or break apart at all and I wore the makeup for around 10 hours.

AOA prowear foundation

Marketed as being more high coverage, I noticed this was thicker, but I wasn’t blown away by it. I could still very much see my freckles, but it felt like I had to use a few layers in order to get higher coverage which didn’t make much sense. However, I didn’t experience any cakey-ness with their foundation which is a good attribute to have.

AOA perfect filter face primer and the AOA liquid concealer

I do find it hard to judge and review a primer, however, after applying it and allowing it a few moments to dry, it had a nice tacky finish which is what I look for in a primer. It was more lightweight than what I usually use and I applied it to my T-zone like normal. I have an oily t-zone, but can get dry around the edges of my face. The one thing I don’t really like about the concealer is the applicator. It’s one where you just squeeze the product out so there’s no brush or sponge applicator. I suppose this is good as no product is wasted, it’s just different to what I’m used to.

I noticed that a little goes a long way, but there’s quite a strong yellow tone to the fair ivory shade. This worked really well for me as I’ve got yellow undertones to my skin and find some concealers too pale. It’s worth noting that if you don’t have a yellow undertone, this might not work as well for you. As for coverage however, I was pleasantly surprised and it worked really nicely with the foundation.

AOA perfect setting powder in matte translucent

I thought it would look too white on my skin and maybe have some flashback. But I was totally wrong! It blended away nicely leaving no patches of white and I used the back camera with flash on to see if I’d have any ghost moments, and there was no flashback. I only used this on my t-zone as this is where I get most oily, and it kept these areas much more matte than the rest of my face. By the end of the day, some oiliness had broken through on my nose, but this is to be expected.

AOA perfect powder blush in the colour dandy

love warm toned colours; oranges and browns are my favourite so I thought I’d stick to my comfort zone. When I first tried swatching the blush, I struggled to pick up any pigment on my finger, but thought I’d wait until I applied with a brush. I’m glad I did! It was much more pigmented with a brush and comes out as quite a strong colour. This was one of my favourite products and it now means I don’t have to take my whole blush palette when I’m travelling somewhere.

Last, but not least, is the AOA sculpting brow pencil in medium brown and the A20 single eyeshadow in the colour vintage

I have quite big fluffy brows so on the daily I use a red-toned powder, but was finding I wanted a more precise finish. There wasn’t a colour option for auburn hair so I chose medium brown and once swatched on my hand it looked quite ashy. However, similar to other products it performed much better once in the right place. It glides on nicely and you really don’t need much at all. I could blend the edges away well with the spoolie too so I’m looking forward to doing my brows more now.

I noticed that the eyeshadow is almost an identical colour to my blush, so also blends amazingly and isn’t patchy or difficult to work with.


I am SO happy I placed this order with Miss A, and I’m so happy with how the products performed. I only did my every day makeup looks with the products and the finished look was the same, if not smoother looking than my usual drugstore face. The makeup was easy to remove, I had no redness or breakouts from the products which is a bonus. I’m glad I’ve got some decent and affordable products to add to my collection. If you’re interested, I would highly recommend checking them out! Their range extends way past what I ordered so I’ll be making another order in the future.


I do hope this review gave you an insight into what their 83p makeup looks like. I’ll be honest, I thought I’d have more negative points to make, but I was blown away by this brand so would happily recommend them to you all. I really did enjoy reviewing the makeup, and wearing it too! If you decide to make an order I’d love to hear what you chose and what you think! It would be much appreciated if you could share this post around!

Until next time,

Emily x



22 thoughts on “Trying $1 makeup from Miss A – Review

  1. Ellie says:

    Sounds like a right bargain! I love how good they were for the price… making it so much more accessible to people. I get so put off as everything is so expensive! And I LOVE that they are cruelty free. Love the looks btw, beautiful! Thanks for sharing xx


    • emilygabriellax says:

      Thanks so much Ellie! I thought they were such a great brand to share, a lot of makeup is an eye watering price!x


  2. Millie says:

    Honestly can’t believe they are selling this for so cheap and yet you found it so good! It’s almost unheard of to see makeup that cheap in shops here and one of the reasons I don’t tend to bother with it too much haha! I love that they also have some charity collections and I’ve used a PawPaw product once and I loved it. Thanks for sharing Emily 🙂


    • emilygabriellax says:

      Literally I’ve never seen prices anywhere like that in the UK! We need to take a leaf out of their book 😂 thank you reading Millie!!


  3. Gemma Jayne says:

    The make up looks SO GOOD! 😍 I am always a bit weird about cheap make up but these seem like good finds! Plus for that price how could you not buy some?! Great review hun xxx


  4. Stephanie says:

    I love reading articles like this. It’s fascinating to me that Miss A has the capability to sell such affordable products. I found out about them through Taylor Wynn on YouTube (originally Thataylaa) and hearing her talk them up gave me hope. Now I’ve read your post and I’m considering placing an order very soon! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    • emilygabriellax says:

      That’s great to hear Stephanie! I think they’ve got great potential as a brand and was excited to spread the word! Thank you for reading and commenting!


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