15 Gift Ideas for Him

Buying gifts for the men in our lives can be quite tricky sometimes, no matter the occasion. Since being with my boyfriend I think I’ve done quite well on the gift front, from DIY projects to bigger spends but it gets harder EVERY year. Gifts obviously aren’t about the money, but can we admit that it’s sometimes just nice to buy things, it can make us feel just as good giving it as it does for the person receiving it!

Christmas is just around the corner, so I thought it was a good time to post a gift guide of things that make for a good gift for boyfriends, dads, friends and whoever else! I wanted to include a variety of different budgets depending on what you’re aiming for. They won’t all be age nor relationship appropriate I suppose, but can be chopped and changed!

So without further ado, here is my gift guide for him!




This could be to write things you love about the person, date night ideas, quotes, messages from family and friends – the possibilities are pretty much endless!


This could be personalised, filled with their favourite sweets, covered in expletives or pretty flowers – who knows! I’m biased as I’m quite the mug collector.

DIY Scratchcard

You can put whatever you want on these things, naughty or nice. I made one for my boyfriend with date ideas and it was a cute little trinket to slot inside a card.

A funny game

This could be DIY at home or a low budget grab from a local shop – it’s all about how you make it. I’ve recently brought ‘Poo head’, where someone wears a basket on their head and you throw foam poops inside, so after a few drinks it’ll be a laugh!

Care Package

This could also pass as a hamper, but I don’t think you can go wrong with these gifts no matter the occasion. If someone is feeling down, it’s a great pick-me-up gift and it’s so versatile. The one I made had some new joggers inside, a DVD, sweets, box of teabags etc and the box still comes in handy!

Buy a star

Some of these can prove expensive, but some really aren’t too bad and I think it’s a thoughtful gift for anyone that likes looking up!


Such a timeless gift (ha). The men in my life seem to like building a collection of these and you can get some beautiful watches for Β£10, Β£40, Β£200 – it depends on what your budget is.

Soundwave Frame

I brought my soundwave print from Not On The Highstreet and if you have a special song that you share, it’s a beautiful gift and looks lovely too.

Clothes and shoes

Whether they’re an avid shoe collector or like a good slogan tee, I don’t think you can go wrong with adding to someone’s wardrobe, especially if you know their taste well.


Who doesn’t like smelling good? Some people have a staple smell or like experimenting with different scents, so a nice bottle of smelly will be a well-used gift.

Pop Vinyls

A collector’s favourite! I must admit these little figurines are pretty cool and the variety is amazing nowadays.

Gaming/Computer equipment

If you know a keen gamer, you will know that their set up is usually the most important! From light-up mouse mats, keyboards, headsets, microphones, the list goes on.

Camera equipment

I’d say this usually falls into the higher budge bracket as camera equipment doesn’t often fall cheap, but I have picked up some good quality tripods and camera remotes for a good price (Amazon is your friend). Saving up for something they’ve been after is also a rewarding gift to give.

Tour tickets

This is a nice experience for you both and/or family and friends. That could be a band, singer, comedian, speaker, it gives you something to look forward to.

Day trips/holiday

If you really want to splash, a weekend to tour a football stadium or a weekend in Amsterdam will be a real big treat. It’s not about the money involved, but it is about the memories! If you can tick things off your bucket list as you go it’s a bonus.


Fast cars, hot air balloon rides, cooking classes, wine tasting – take your pick! Sites like Wowcher, Groupon and Virgin have some good deals, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled.

So there are just 15 gift ideas that cover a variety of budgets, ages and relationships! Over the years I’ve gifted each of the above and they’ve all gone down a treat. I 100% stand by the point that it’s the thought behind a gift that really counts. Making each person feel special that you know what they like is a special feeling. There are many more gift ideas out there, so I’d love to hear what your favourite gifts for him are!

Until next time,

Emily x

3 thoughts on “15 Gift Ideas for Him

  1. Millie says:

    OOO th DIY scratch card is such a great idea! Also loved your lil time home there Emily HAHA Thank you for sharing these as my present plans for Jack are falling apart so defo gonna consider these!


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