March 2019 Review

Will I start each one of these being surprised at how fast the month has gone? Most probably, because I blinked and we’re nearly a quarter way into the year. WHAT! March has been quite an exciting month I believe, I’ve settled more into my job and it’s surprising how time flies when you spend 40 hours a week in an office.

Despite battling some homesickness, March has really been quite kind to me – 2019 overall has been a treat so far. Putting my month into words really helps to focus some attention on what is going well in my life. I think it’s so easy to be blind to all the good if we focus too much on the bad, but why should I be doing that when there’s more ups than downs?

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February in Review

It’s actually quite scary that 2 months of 2019 are gone already! Like I did for January, I wanted to take this opportunity to have a look at what I achieved over the month and what I perhaps could have done a bit better. March is right around the corner, so I’m hoping to keep up with some, if not all of my 2019 goals – which you can read here!

It’s actually quite enjoyable to sit down at the end of the month and have some accountability time. A chance to reflect, review and renew. It’s beneficial to track your own progression and achievements – so let’s get started!

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