Quick and Easy Pizza Recipe {AD}

Cooking, baking, you name it and I’m probably not the best at it. My mum works some serious magic in the kitchen but I can’t say that’s been inherited. She can make a dinner from scratch to feed 5 mouths in 20 minutes and I’d happily put it in a restaurant. One of her signature dishes is her homemade pizza that always goes down an absolute treat.

Growing up, my sister and I’s friends would compliment her pizza and it’s a staple treat for when we have guests over. So although I moved out of home for the whole of 2019, I didn’t once make a pizza! I was finally inspired to get in the kitchen after moving back home when I was gifted a pot of Schwartz Oregano. I thought what better time to put this to action than to make my very first pizza. And it wasn’t half bad!

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