Quick and Easy Pizza Recipe {AD}

Cooking, baking, you name it and I’m probably not the best at it. My mum works some serious magic in the kitchen but I can’t say that’s been inherited. She can make a dinner from scratch to feed 5 mouths in 20 minutes and I’d happily put it in a restaurant. One of her signature dishes is her homemade pizza that always goes down an absoluteΒ treat.

Growing up, my sister and I’s friends would compliment her pizza and it’s a staple treat for when we have guests over. So although I moved out of home for the whole of 2019, I didn’t once make a pizza! I was finally inspired to get in the kitchen after moving back home when I was gifted a pot of Schwartz Oregano. I thought what better time to put this to action than to make my very first pizza. And it wasn’t half bad!

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Easy Lemon Ice Tea Recipe

When life gives you lemons, what can you do? Anything you want! But with the scorching summer days still rolling in here and there, you can’t beat a fresh cold drink that’s not fizzy and not alcoholic. My sister has recently shown me a recipe she’s been using for lemon ice tea and I wanted to share that with you too! It’s inspired by Erren’s Kitchen.

It’s a tasty and quick recipe to make, perfect for summer barbeques or as a beverage to have with a good book. You can of course make variations of this tea if you don’t fancy or like lemon, you could even try peach! But if you’re craving a bulk load of home-made Liptons, then this is the recipe for you.

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