20 Date Ideas

Dates don’t have to be strictly for the lovebirds. They can be with friends or even family! However, more often than not, dates are typically associated with the romantic quarters of our lives; no matter what situation we’re in. It’s time to making a boring midweek evening fun and insert some zest into the weekends!

Dates are the perfect opportunity for conversation, laughter and fun. They don’t have to be wild and expensive to be treasured. Personally, no matter what my partner and I do, I love to keep everything! Train tickets, receipts, shells from the beach – you name it, it’s probably in my memory tin. Looking back at our relationship so far, we’ve had some really fun times – the activity doesn’t always matter, it’s the quality of the company. So I thought I’d compile 20 date ideas that vary across different budgets and seasons for you to have a choose from – some I’ve tried, some I’d like to try!

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

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