The Sunday Series: Social Media with Shannen Claire

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week. The time has rolled around for the second instalment of The Sunday Series! If you missed the first one which was about navigating adult friendships with The Im Life, you can view that here. The topic of choice today is social media, and this is in collaboration with Shannen from

Social media can either feel like a safe space, or somewhere that is discouraging and maybe even intimidating. But social media should be a place in which we feel comfortable, free to be ourselves, and special. It should be somewhere where we can celebrate individuality, and build a supportive community. Despite the negative aspects of social media, there are many positives. We should see the good in utilising it as a platform to share our passions and who we are.

Let’s celebrate our differences and uplift each other, encouraging one another to achieve our goals”.

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