Chatty Tuesday: Experience with the pill (Loestrin 20)

As you may have noticed from the title of this post, I’m hoping to start a mini series off whereby every Tuesday I have a chat about more personal topics/life advice. To kick start this off, I wanted to holla at my fellow ladies who need to shut down the baby factory or calm those periods down.

I’m by no means a doctor, so all information gathered can be found online or comes from personal experience.

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Bigger boob bra guide

Hello! This is a slightly wild slide from what my previous posts have been about – but I want to act online the way I do in person; open and happy to talk about anything! I admire the movement of men and women online that are continuing to break the barrier blocking “taboo” topics like sex, periods and other things that have for a long time been tarnished as something you discuss behind closed doors. Instead of jumping in with a heavier topic – I thought I’d ease myself into talking about an object that’s used by millions every day – the bra!

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Bras for DD+ busts

Used by millions every day is the humble bra. All shapes and sizes, all purposes and appearances, bras are there to offer comfort and support. This post is a helpful guide for those with a bigger bust; how to calculate the right size and where to shop. The right bra is crucial to avoid back pain, bunching and red marks. The bra market is widening and being more inclusive for those with bigger busts. But how do we know what’s right for our bodies?

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